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For a number of years, The Ceiling was a mailorder for many different artists and labels. We still have very limited stock of most of these titles. Most are down to their last one or two copies.

Please read the ordering instructions for more info.

AAL- Disc 1 + Inherited 2CDR (Afe, Italy)
Dark drone work previously released in private editions, combined together in this double set. Limited to 50 numbered copies

A034 THE INSIDER- Lobotomatik CD (Tijuana Records/Bar La Muerte, Italy)
Interesting release from this Italian artist; comparisons could be made to some of the artists on the renowned Warp Records, yet this CD features music that move into darker and more experimental directions. A richly varied release.

AGOG- Dust Is Their Food And Clay Their Meat LP (Anomalous Records, U.S.A.)
Veterans of numerous cassette releases, Agog have released their first LP via Anomalous. A very concrete-sounding LP it is, with all manners of scratches, creaks, and pops arranging themselves into intriguing patterns. Not an easy listen by any means, but we're sure that wouldn't surprise you...

ALIO DIE- The Way Of Fire 7" EP (Drone Records, Germany)
Over the past decade, Alio Die has created an interesting body of work combining flutes, percussion, and synthesized drones (among other sounds) looped into beautiful atmospheres revealing areas of the natural world often hidden from view. Seems like just yesterday we had the first edition... Second edition of 300 copies on marbled blue vinyl.

ALLUN- Onussen CD (Bar La Muerte, Italy)
Newest CD from the Italian female quintet of improvisers, stretching from frantic noise-core, to delay-based zone-outs, to strange formless masses of children's toys and horn bleats. They have been referred to as the female Reynols, which will scare you or entice you (you know which side you fall on).

ANEMONE TUBE- :Existence CD (Auf Abwegen, Germany)
Cheaper price! Newest release from the German project- layers of distorted rhythms, haunting drones, and odd noises. Industrial noise for fans of early Orphx, and early pioneers like Throbbing Gristle and SPK. Numbered edition of 500 copies.

ANTI-VERSTAND- By The Song As The Wind CDR (Abgurd, Russia)
ANTI-VERSTAND - side-project of YAO 91404 D - is pretty known among adorers of Russian Noise due to tapes released by YAOP and a couple of CDR re-releases made by Abgurd and Fight Muzik. With "Song Like Wind" the project introduces absolutely new and fresh point of view on its Art.

ANTMANUV- Magnetic Field CDR (Antmanuv, Canada)
The first CD from the Canadian newcomer featuring permutations of recordings made during a violent lightening storm. Electrifying drones and strange found sounds, contorted and cut-up into short individual chapters - dreamlike and unusual. Re-edited and assembled by Jim DeJong (The Infant Cycle).

OSMAN ARABI - Burning Sigils CD (Fractured Spaces, UK)
A single 38 minute of deeply dark, hypnotic, shifting and mesmerising tribal-ethno-ambient from the heart of the Middle East, Lebanon.

ARCANE DEVICE- Devices 2CD (Monochrome Vision, Russia)
David Lee Myers and his feedback devices cutting swaths across two decades. Two discs of rare and unreleased material.

ARCHON ORCHESTRA- Pong CD (Muzyka Voln, Russia)
The main instrument on this CD is the organ, which sounds in fast mechanical sequences a bit unusual for our ears and more typical for the Berlin school of electronic music. Simple compositional structure meets vivid expression, liturgical atmosphere and a sublime metaphysical line running through the whole concept of the project. From the people who brought you Cyclotimia and Sphere Rex, and may appeal to fans of Terry Riley or Philip Glass.

ARCHON ORCHESTRA- Cenotaph CD (Muzyka Voln/Monopoly Records/Shadowplay Records, Russia)
Together with the labels Shadowplay Records and Monopoly Records we are pleased to present you the second album of Archon Orchestra, produced by the well-known founder of Cyclotimia and Sphere Rex projects. "Cenotaph" continues the line started on the debut CD "Pong" - the sounds of a church organ harmoniously intertwine with delicate, subtle electronics while piano and strings mysteriously "float" under the arches of a gothic cathedral immersing the listener in light melancholia. Recommended for the lovers of both atmospheric soundtracks (Ludovico Einaudi, Eleni Karaindrou) and academic "minimalism" (Philip Glass, Terry Riley, Arvo Pärt). However it's also absolutely worth checking out for the fans of "neoclassic" and "ethereal".

Back in stock! A three-way split release between England's A.N., S.L.T. from New Zealand, and Veglia's own R.O.T. and Toss. Each project present an interesting take of electric guitars abused and used far out of any classic rock context, and mixed into a stew of unusual soundscapes. Perhaps ambient music taken to its most non-relaxing extreme?

AUGUR- Like Little Machines CD (The Rectrix, U.S.A.)
This is a document of a performance from the late summer of 1999. Augur use very discrete concrete sounds that constantly shift in dynamics and in their relation to the background and foreground of the pieces. Abstract sounds to reward careful listeners.

BALAAM GALANG- We Ran Out To Uranus CD (La Charrue Par Les Cornes, Canada)
Back in stock! Diverse sounds to investigate from this Canadian project, integrating drones, experimental electronic rhythms, and deep space music. Constantly fluctuating moods and ideas for the most attentive trances.

AIDAN BAKER/THE INFANT CYCLE- Rural Sprawl CDR (Zhelezobeton, Russia)
Reissue of the rare "Rural" CDR from 2001, this time with an additional half hour of newer material. A result of the revolving yin and yang generated by the performers, creating terrain without a map, dream awake. Numbered edition of 250 copies.

BAND OF PAIN- Sacred Flesh CD (Cold Spring Records, England)
This is the soundtrack of the movie "Sacred Flesh", that Band Of Pain were commissioned to score. The music fits perfectly with the images of Catholicism, sexuality and death: deep and brooding melodies over dark ambient textures. Includes a 16 page booklets featuring images from the film (please note: due to graphic content, there is a "parental advisory" warning. Sorry, kids!).

DAVID BEHRMAN- Unforeseen Events CD (XI Records, U.S.A.)
Behrman has created many pieces based around software that he developed to interact with live performer. These pieces were initiated Ben Neill in mind. Neill plays the mutantrumpet- a horn with three separately playable and mutable bells. Instead of playing over a sequence, the computer software responds in real-time to the player.

BIG CITY ORCHESTRA- Greatest Hits And Test Tones CD (Pogus Productions, U.S.A.)
Exactly as the title implies: Part new recordings of earlier BCO pop songs (featuring Daevid Allen and Mark Robson among others) and part physical manipulations of single band sine waves remixed by guests John Duncan, Brook Hinton, Monte Cazazza and G.X. Jupitter-Larsen. And what BCO CD would be complete without the sound effects?

TORE HONORE BOE- Solvstoy 7" 45 (Melektronikk, Norway)
Part of Safe As Milk's concert and 7" series for experimental music. The Origami leader's performance takes small objects on the stage, amplified and combined into ever growing waves of drones and exceedingly deep frequencies.

BRIDGE TO IMLA- The Radiant Sea CD (Winter-Light, The Netherlands)
Oceanic washes and a plunge into the depressingly polluted destruction of the ocean by manking. Bridge To Imla is the collaboration between veteran electronic artists Hans-Dieter Schmidt and Michael Bruckner, along with mastering help from Robert Rich. Housed in a six-panel digipack.

The newest release from this Italian artist. Continuing the trajectory of Pance into hanging gardens of guitar dischord; sometimes surprisingly melodic, other times jarringly angry. Much of the drum programming on earlier releases are replaced by strange rhythmic manipulations of the abused guitars. Daniele's best release yet.

DANIELE BRUSASCHETTO- Paturnie 7" EP (HHETHH/Hax/Dumbo, Italy)
Daniele's first 7" from 1996. A bit more raw than the BELLIES/pance CD that followed, but still featuring grating, abrasive guitar under strangely melodic vocals. Recalling no-wave and early industrial, this release plunges into an underworld of it's very own.

DANIELE BRUSASCHETTO- Bluviola CD (Radon Studios, U.S.A.)
Daniele is back with a new album, going further into his fusion of melodicism, soundscapish textures and violent noise rock. A number of collaborators join on what may be the best release yet.

MONTY CANTSIN- Heap Of Ruins CD (Implant, Hungary)
Monty Cantsin incorporates his past as a Folk-singer in late '60s Hungary using strong and occasionally melancholic string sounds, combined with his more recent gripping noise sounds. On this release, Cantsin composes music to the writings of Endre Ady, a large influence on his work and Neoist philosophy.

MONTY CANTSIN AMEN- Noise Bible CD and book (Musicus Phycus, Canada)
The notorious art figure and founder of Neoism. This CD represents material recorded over the past few years. Strong vocal pieces with ominous electronics and extreme megaphone and scrap metal abuse. The book includes lyrics to all the tracks, images, and a healthy chunk of Cantsin's "Book of Neoism".

Two tracks each from the British and Canadian (respectively) projects. The C.O.A. are a secretive organization associated with Delphium, exploring the grainiest sample rates and most fragmented drum'n'bass possible, yet very aggressive. The Infant Cycle strips the sound down to vinyl discs (audio and video) and shortwave- drones float over sparse, skewered beats. Cover art by Jim DeJong.

CINISE/K.K. NULL- Freedom And Solitude 3" CDR (Sin Organization, Italy)
Split EP featuring two tracks from each. Japanese experimentalist Null displays his brand of ambient noise and skewed rhythm experiments, while the Italian group Cinise create a wall of strange subconscious rumblings. In folder cover.

CLONING EXPERIMENTAL FAILURE- Thousand Noises CD (Zhelezobeton, Russia)
This one easily gets our award for most beautiful handmade package, and we could write a lot of lines on how it looks. Sonically, one gets the sense of what regular dance music would sound like if it was dynamited from within- a million sounds fly in every direction (and distortion), yet still there is a cohesive and busy structure. 115 copies, numbered.

CLOSING THE ETERNITY- Forever And A Day CD (Muzyka Voln, Russia)
The Russian project Closing The Eternity hardly needs an introduction. Since the beginning of its activity 15 years ago, in 2001, it has released a good amount of recordings on various respected labels both in Russia and abroad. In its music the project aims to digress from everything earthly and mundane, bringing attention to the phenomena and processes lying outside of the realm of human existence.
The material of this album was recorded back in 2004 and has long been awaiting the right moment for manifestation. It seems as if this work was specially created for the Muzyka Voln label (the title of which translates as "music of waves") as these two words describe it best. Three long tracks flowing one into another dissolve the listener's attention in endless tides of gentle electronic ambience. An absolutely pacifying and tranquil work imbued with a majestic contemplative atmosphere.

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM- Loop Floor 7" EP (Speeding Across My Hemispheres, Germany)
A collage of treated guitars, samplings, pounding percussion, and tuntablism. The two pieces change through an improvised mix of lush and abrasive elements- sometimes blending, sometimes colliding. Large fold-out poster cover.

CONTRASTATE- Extract No. 10 7" EP (Outsider Records, England)
The final release from the British project, before folding to pursue various other projects, and they go out in fine form. A driving and ominous release of looped samples and electronics, with Contastate's use of though-provoking text. Limited to 300 copies.

CORPUSSE- Surrender To The Passion CD (Total Zero, Canada)
What can you say about a CD that his so very few references to what has come before (except their previous work)? The liner notes reference both Daoism and Blackie Lawless from '80s metal band W.A.S.P. An interesting progression from their previous CD.

DAB.AY.AH- Find The Canyon 7" EP (Suggestion Records, Germany)
A strange drone-rock project, incorporating layers of fuzzed-out guitars, and various layers of sound textures, blended into a big wall of sound. Maroon vinyl housed inside an equally multi-layered die-cut cover.

DACHISE- Twin Braids CD (Assemblage Point, England)
Brandishing a "beware of adults" slogan, Dachise create a crunchy mixture of distorted loops and harsh sonic terrorism. Originally released on cassette, now in digital bringing more clarity to their onslaught. Includes members of The Digitariat.

DE FABRIEK- Quatro-Erogenic CDR (Afe, Italy)
Long-running experimental group, active since the 1970s. The main theme and inspiration for "Quatro-Erogenic-Occupy Theme's Part II" comes from close encounters, otherworldy lifeforms, contactism and the whole space/alien cover-up, myth or truth in general.

Delicate Noise eloquently phrases personal, thought-provoking, emotional questions with a satisfying richness. And Steven Seibold (Hate Dept.) mixes these songs with kid gloves on, always allowing the delicate and childlike to come through unclouded.

MATTHIAS DELPHANQUE- Ma Chambre Quand Je N'y Suis Pas (Montreal) CD (Mondes Elliptiques, Canada)
This piece the stereo version of a sound installation presented at Montreal’s Studio Cormier in December 2004. It is the second part of the ‘’Ma chambre quand je n’y suis pas’’ series. The piece is based on the recording of “silencesâ€, i.e. the recording of sound produced in spaces with no human presence. The sound of an “emptyâ€Studio Cormier was therefore used as the material for the production of this piece. The sound takes were done during the quietest moments of the day, by means of microphones placed strategically throughout the Studio by the artist. The sounds gathered were then amplified, and their frequencies, accentuated to the extreme.

DELPHIUM-Our Tribe Of Nothingness 7" EP (Speeding Across My Hemispheres/Disaster Area, Germany)
New EP of older unreleased material from this British project. Hovering in the various regions that Delphium has staked out in the past, this is both relaxing and unsettling: a great addition to their volumous discography. Clear vinyl.

DELPHIUM- Nobody Sees The Monster In The Light Of Day... CD (Moloko+, Germany)
The long-awaited new CD, containing almost eighty minutes of reworked older material and new songs. New musical avenues are explored, yet always carrying the delphium signatures: deep ominous basslines, melancholic strings and sound washes, misbehaving rhythms... Beautiful cover as well from Ceiling associate Jenny DeJong.

DELPHIUM- Darkfloor 7" EP (The Ceiling)
The newest recordings from Delphium: two new exclusive tracks, and a taster of their upcoming album. This EP features many aspects of Delphium's sound: aggressive and deconstructed rhythms, churning basslines, haunted melodic fragments, and buzzing, abrasive sound overlays. If dance music stopped being made for the ecstasy crowd, and instead for those who abuse stuff found in their parent's medicine cabinet, this would be it.

DELPHIUM- Self Vs. Self 10" EP (Disaster Area, Germany)
Delphium continues to combine sprightly, misbehaving rhythms contrasting with dark, nocturnal sounds, melded with their characteristic ominous basslines (the EP is subtitled "Basslines of Death" after all). Amid the new material is an alternate version of "Take Me Home" from their latest CD.

DELPHIUM- Snowhill-X 7" EP (Drone Records, Germany)
Originally released in 1997, this was Delphium's most downbeat, cinematic hour, based around melancholic electronics, and dulcimer-like guitar, with string sounds and noises wafting around them like smoke. This is the second edition of 300 copies (red vinyl) with new cover art by the Ceiling team.

DELPHIUM- Dead On The Inside CD (Hibou, France)
This most recent Delphium CD was at one point shelved with a track here and there slipping out (including on our own Ceiling imprint), but happily the album has now been released. This release finds Delphium at their most pleasantly tuneful (collaborating with Sarah Ayers), or rhythmically abrasive, yet the entire release is ultimately very accessible.

DELPHIUM- Good Morning Heartache CD (Moloko+, Germany)
New EP from the prolific English project, featuring familiar Delphium trademarks- the grainy breakbeats, frame-rattling basslines, ominous sound effects... This release combines old unreleased material with new tracks, plus two remixes of the title track by AL.X and THE INFANT CYCLE.

DELPHIUM- October CD (Moloko+, Germany)
Those that have followed The Ceiling from its early days (and even earlier projects) may recognize the name Delphium, a British project, a blend of ambient, noise, dub, and many other flavours of underground music, which allowed the project to rub shoulders with a diverse crew of artists and labels, even allowing The Ceiling to release its Darkfloor 7", an indication of greatness. After a long period of dormancy, Delphium has returned with a new bunch of releases, including a new CD on the Moloko+ label, titled October. The artwork was done here, and presented in a beautiful gatefold cover. The last time we all worked together was the Children Of Asmodeus/The Infant Cycle 10" almost twenty years ago.

DELPHIUM/THE INFANT CYCLE/RAMUNAS YARAS- "Heart Full Of Soul/Translation" 2x 3" CDR (Diophantine Discs, U.S.A.)
On Delphium's side of the fence, their disc delivers a solid set of churning caustic noise, introspective soundscapes, along with their trademark breakbeat mangle, and stomache gripping basslines (some rare recordings under their alter-ego Children of Asmodeus). On the "flipside" is The Infant Cycle collaborating with Endiche Vis.Sat and Magic Carpathians member Yaras, from free frenzies of harsh rhythms to sparse electro-acoustic spaces. In a pamphlet-sized sleeve, pro-printed and limited to 100 copies.

DJ SPOOKY/ALAN LICHT- Backwards Forwards 10" 45 (Manifold Records, U.S.A.)
A part of the series of split 10"ers that DJ Spooky (Paul Miller) has curated for Manifold Records. Spooky's side shows a maverick experimental spirit twisting the DJ culture into areas previously unexplored, while Licht creates a side of a haunting minimal loop composition. Limited to 1999 numbered copies.

DJ SPOOKY/ARTO LINDSAY- Form Or Function 10" 45 (Manifold Records, U.S.A.)
The Elementz DJ Toolz series continues. Spooky continues to show diverse experiments with rhythms (and non-rhythms), while no-wave guitar wizard Lindsay delivers a blistering guitar journey. Limited to 1800 numbered copies.

DJ SPOOKY/TOBUKAZU TAKEMURA- Paysage Insolite 10" 45 (Manifold Records, U.S.A.)
Despite the Elementz DJ Toolz tag, Both Spooky and Takemura create inventive rhythmic pieces that stand well on their own, walking a tightrope between lush textures, and chilling atmosphere. Limited to 1800 numbered copies.

DREAMCATCHER- Prom Night/Eyes of Leatherface LP (.angle.rec., Canada)
Canadian noise duo with an extensive discography including releases on Ecstatic Peace!, Alien8 among others. This LP reissues to hard-to-find cassettes. Limited to 300 copies on clear vinyl.

DRONAEMENT VS. RABBIT'S SORROW- Between Two Thousand Years CD (Le Cri De La Harpe, France)
The "vs." in the title is not particularly accurate (implying a combative relationship)- in fact quite a good meshing of the electronics of Germany's Dronaement and the guitar-based experimentation of France's Rabbit's Sorrow. One of the nicer examples of subtly changing dronescapes out there.

EXIT IN GREY- Hysterics CD (Zhelezobeton, Russia)

FADLADDER- The Past CDR (Re:Set Records, U.S.A.)
A rarity here- this disc was initially pressed up accidentally in mono, withdrawn, and then ultimately cancelled before a stereo version could be issued. A pity, as besides Fadladder's strange and dark industrial attack, there is also a collaboration with SKYE KLAD, a THROBBING GRISTLE cover, and a remix of the title track by THE INFANT CYCLE. A few copies of the withdrawn mono version were found in our stock boxes, and are available free to those who want to hear it before it disappears for good.

TIM FOLJAHN- Obvious Urban Landscape CD (Old Gold, U.S.A.)
Foljahn has worked with numerous people (including Thurstin Moore). and has made numerous releases on his own as well. Obvious Urban Landscapes lives up to its title- layers of sounds, "musical" and otherwise into a dense tapes try. Packaged with a thick booklet of interesting dream-like writing.

FRRRANCK- Hale Bopp Brings Closure 2 Heaven's Gate 7" EP (Staubgold, Germany)
The adventurous leader of Westland is back combining disparate elements into an interesting whole. Elements of collage, electronic melodies, beats and lots of manic turntalism combined together with help from, E.A., Klangwart, Alain Neffe, Nomuzic and T.U.O.B.

FUNKSTILLESENDER untitled 3" CDR (Abgurd, Russia)
Drone noise from the Russian project. Limited to 50 copies. In small vinyl case.

ELLEN FULLMAN- Body Music CD (XI Records, U.S.A.)
Ellen Fullman's unique long String Instrument is an eighty-foot long instrument with approximately eighty strings, an outgrowth from her earlier work in sculpture. Requiring two to four players and a large room, sounds can have similarities to masses of electric guitars, distant train whistles, mandolins; rich with drones and overtones.

GRAVITAR- Edifier CD (Manifold Records, U.S.A.)
If you took the Stooges "L.A. Blues" freak-out and extended it into the psychedelic stratosphere, that would give you a good idea of the delirious noise-rock peaks that Gravitar reach. This release contains a cover Skip Spence's "Diana".

GREENMAN- Snakes On Ice CDR (Dangermuff Enterproses, Canada)
A sixteen-song retrospective of tracks ranging from the years 1993-98. A good introduction for the uninitiated, and lots of unreleased tracks and remixes for those familiar with the previous cassette and CDR releases.

HYENA HIVE- See Saw Savannah 7" (.angle.rec., Canada)
Relentless and abrasive power electronic with a hint of noise rock from the Montreal duo. Limited to 250 copies in a deluxe cardboard folder sleeve.

IF, BWANA- Breathing CD (Pogus Productions, U.S.A.)
Al Margolis and If, Bwana have a long history of interesting experimental music. Breathing is a strange journey incorporating piano, dijeridu, strings, voice and electronics; slowly evolving pieces always heading into surprising places.

The title of this release is apt- constant shifts of soundscapes from three American experimental groups. Two lengthy tracks: the first is a collaboration between IOS and Life Garden; the second features IOS and VOE.

THE INFANT CYCLE- Old Plus Four CDR (EE Tapes, Belgium)
Back in stock! After a brief existence on the now-defunct label, Austenite Recordings, "Old Plus Four" is available again. Comprising of material from two deleted cassette singles along with additional material, The Infant Cycle's debut CD release is layers of non-MIDI rhythms from scratched records and drums, and tones from feedback and sources. Simultaneously soothing and jarring; this is something for the adventurous listener operating outside of genre norms. The Ceiling edition is now sold out, but we got in some copies of the EE edition (100 copies, numbered).

THE INFANT CYCLE- Remote CDR (EE Tapes, Belgium)
After a long wait, the new Infant Cycle release is here. Comprised of three long tracks, this is the more "difficult" side of the project. Constant changes in texture, sudden contrasts, rhythms that flex and contract, and structures that reveal themselves as something very different than what they seemed on the surface- not background music...

THE INFANT CYCLE- Ephedrin Bird Samba 3" CDR (The Locus of Assemblage, Scotland)
The newest single continuing the sound explorations, released at the ten-year point of The Infant Cycle's existence. This time there is a more raw, immediate quality, using violent scraps of sound and jagged noise, tempered by more meditative moments. 200 numbered copies in full-colour wrap-around sleeve (art by Jenny DeJong).

THE INFANT CYCLE- Playout CDR (Zhelezobeton, Russia)
Limited to one rhythm-carved record playout groove, and operational record player sounds (augmented by violin bow and razor blade), The Infant Cycle creates a half-hour exploration through all the sounds possible. Harsher rhythmic timbres fly through into quieter microtonal terrain, the static interrupted by spasms of unstability. Numbered edition of 250 copies.

THE INFANT CYCLE- A Mysterious Disc CDR (The Ceiling, Canada)
A mysterious disc!

THE INFANT CYCLE- Secret Hidden Message 7" EP (Drone Records, Germany)
Released on Germany's highly-regarded curated 7" series comes three exclusive Infant Cycle tracks. Listen for the message within the folds of shifting sound masses and dreams made from inhaling instrument fumes, or as Drone Records themselves succinctly put it: "File under Multi-Layed Drone Hypnotism". First edition of 300 copies in multi-layed hand-made cover and smoky grey translucent vinyl.

THE INFANT CYCLE- Trialism - Clear Shapes Stereo 2x3" CDR (Abgurd, Russia)
The Infant Cycle, together with the Abgurd label from Russia, bring you Trialism- managing to reissue four entire releases in the span of just six tracks. The first disc brings together the original stereo mixes for the three shaped one-side lathe 8" (all limited to 40 copies each), Clear Square, Clear Hexagon, and Clear Triangle (2002-2004), while the second disc brings together the much belated (2005) Clear Shape B-Sides, originally an online EP. With the previous formats' necessity for compactness, this may be one of the best places to start for those dipping into the The Infant Cycle universe...

THE INFANT CYCLE- The Sand Rays CD (Diophantine Discs, U.S.A.)
First new full length by The Infant Cycle in a couple of years finds the culmination of pinball reverberations and multi-layered drones of earlier releases refracted further through broken cords, near-empty batteries, broken equipment. An uneasy coexistence of peaceful thoughts and harsher actions from a body with many independent limbs... In Diophantine's trademark high quality card wallet sleeve.

THE INFANT CYCLE- A Mysterious Disc 3" CDR (The Ceiling, Canada)
Description not available.

THE INFANT CYCLE- Left Ear Revolt (Mysterious Disco 2009-2012) CDR (The Ceiling, Canada)
Collecting recent EP, rare and unreleased tracks into one package, we have here the most recent manifestations of the subconscious electro-acoustic rock drone clatter, and perhaps the best introduction for the uninitiated.

THE INFANT CYCLE- Drop-Out Center CD (Zhelezobeton, Russia)
The twentieth anniversary of The Infant Cycle brings the new full-length CD, still pushing further into the abstract and often contradicory impulsive flux between harsh and also deep and dreamlike sound areas. You don't get this far without learning a few tricks. Limited to 300 numbered copies.

THE INFANT CYCLE/ANTMANUV- Periodical III 3" CDR(The Ceiling, Canada)
The newest edition of the Periodical series! THE INFANT CYCLE presents more "Unrelated Work Tapes"- part of series of that is both deeply interconnected (to other parts and future and past Infant Cycle tracks), yet can be heard on their own. Like much of the Ceiling catalogue, what is seemingly chaos later reveals itself as something else, and features much of the Infant Cycle's uneasy balance between abrasive textures, and quiet meditation- a balance often on the verge of tipping over. Over the past few yeras, ANTMANUV has created a diverse body of work in many different mediums. On this release, he has contribued a piece of wholly organic sound, a dense and growing entity of everyday sounds propelled into a hypnotic sphere of the familiar moved into unfamiliar territory. Once again a "budget-priced release of 80 copies only".

THE INFANT CYCLE/THE ANCIENT TAPES OF INDU MEZU- In Between And In Both Sides In The Same Time CDR(Cold Graey, Russia)
Collaborative EP between the two projects. Russian Indu Mezu work on anomalous sound sleeping computer interface recordings, while The Infant Cycle tackle a stolen Soviet computer data tape. Strange penetrating sound works from both projects. Very limited at 57 copies.

Eight years after the millenial Klab release, the projects team up again. The Infant Cycle provide three tracks of of angular and abstract dronework and field recording transformations, while Dronaement provides a suite of warm and flowing analogue soundscapes aimed right at the subconsious. Limited to 100 copies.

THE INFANT CYCLE/UPHOLD- Our Past Present (Now Then) 2x3" CDR (Afe Records, Italy)
One disc each from the Canadian soundscapers, featuring deep glacier-wash soundscapes, fidgety crackles and pops, unexpected twists and turns, and disquieting tales. Limited to 100 copies.

EP from the Russian hypnotic drone project. Limited to 50 copies.

INTRAVENE- Flotation Toy Warning CD (Auf Abwegen, Germany)
Cheaper price! Intravene is a collaboration between Steve Pittis (Band Of Pain) and Stephen Meixner (Contrastate). Not surprisingly, the basis of this project seems to combine the styles heard in both artists' previous work, but there are moves into deeper, more complex interactions between both elements, as well as some surprisingly discreet drum'n'bass elements.

JADA- self-titled 10" EP (Inner Landscapes, Holland)
The prolific Dutch duo make life difficult for those trying to describe them. A strange mixture of sound-collage, twisted lounge music, psychedelic improvisations, drones in a refreshing tossed-off manner with a bizarre pop sensibility.

KIRCHENKAMPF- Lazarus Rising CD (Cohort Records, U.S.A.)
Back in stock! The first CD release from kirchenkampf. Carefully building layers of electronics housed in a hand-made cover.

KIRCHENKAMPF- The First Circle CDR (Cohort Records, U.S.A.)
Back in stock! Yet another wonderful release from this American artist. First edition of 50 numbered copies, with beautifully painted jewel box and CD surface (not the playing side, of course!).

KIRCHENKAMPF/CELESTIAL RESEARCH- self-titled enhanced-CDR (Cohort Records, U.S.A.)
The first half of this release presents three Mpegs of haunting visuals from Celestial Research (with soundtracks provided by kirchenkampf). The second half contains some new great recordings from the American project.

Back in stock! An hour long voyage into the outer limits (whether space or psyche) by these two American projects. Emphasizing constant shifts in texture, and slow motion drones, this may be the most trance-inducing release from both projects. Like The First Circle CDR, this release sports a great painted jewel box design.

KNURL/KORYPHAIA- self-titled split CD (Galactique Records, Canada)
Two Canadian noise artists share this CD. Knurl is well-known in noise circles for his escalating pieces of metal-based (the material, not the music!) distortion. Koryphaia finish off the disc with a long drone-based (but no less harsh) piece, with many sounds swirling in and out of the mix. Numbered edition of 500 copies.

KOLPSKOPF- Wet CDR (Cold Graey, Russia)
Kolpakopf was based in the end of 2005 by Mihkail Lyonushkin in Rostov. Album Wet was recorded in 2007. Musically it’s a dark ambinet on the edge of microsound. You can actually feel wet caverns, as if you were there. As if you were it. Nine tracks with no names. Very strong debut from promising musician. The release presented as a handmade DVD-sized sleeve. Limited to 57 copies.

DAVID KRISTIAN- Micronymph Vs. Meganymph 12" 45 (Wikkid Records, Canada)
Montreal man of the moment David Kristian has produced a lot of diverse releases. This time around, he presents us with three tracks of frenetic rhythms mixed with melodic synths and pulses. Bits of harsher sounds maintain an edge that Kristian is known for, but fans of offbeat IDM will enjoy this one as well.

KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK- Liquid Circuits CD (Zhelezobeton, Russia)

KSHATRIY- Transforming Galaxy CD (Muzyka Voln, Russia)
Light-dark (?) ambient music from the Russian project. Varied and warm drones and melodic spaciness. In deluxe six-panel digipack.

BRIAN LADD- The Unsubmitted Themes For Hellraiser CD (Auf Abwegen, Germany)
Cheaper price! Ladd, along with Julie Frith, was the leader of the Psyclones, and the Ladd-Frith organization. On this release, he creates 24 "miniature melodies"; stark and mysterious tracks of various looped samples. While not actually having anything to do with the Barker film, we do think this beats Coil's unreleased themes . Numbered edition of 501 copies.

LENS CLEANER TRIO- C.D. + Lens Cleaner LP (The Ceiling)
The Lens Cleaner Trio hail from Argentina, a country that we have discovered has a great deal of unusual experimental musical emanating from within. This LP has its genesis in an improvised session conducted in 1999 by Jose Marchi (guitar), Marcelo Aguirre (drums). and C.D. (electronics). After the initial recordings, C.D. took the recordings and disassembled them, constructing new sound shapes from the various puzzle pieces. The results are what C.D. calls "electro-acoustic rock"; we have a hard time coming up with any type of descriptive term. Always shifting, always changing; both jagged and ambient- an LP that holds up to countless listens.

LETHE- Sleep Digest CD (Pale-Disc, Japan)
Lethe are a Japanese duo, incorporating stringed instruments, percussion and electronics in very unusual combinations- pieces that jump through various moods in quick succession, with startling stereophonic shifts. Not exactly ambient, but very atmospheric sound collages.

RUNE LINDBLAD- Objekt 2 CD (Pogus Productions, U.S.A.)
Originally released on C.M. von Hausswolff's Radium 226.05 label. Rune Lindblad composed over two hundred works, yet much of it is extremely rare. This compilation collects nine pieces from the years 1962-1988. Difficult and unique electronic and concrete works.

FRANCISCO LOPEZ- Untitled (1999) CD (Subsound Records, Australia)
A new addition to the Spanish composer's large discography of sound exploration. Using location recordings, Lopez creates hypnotic and always fascinating sculptures of dense sound, often using dynamic extremes of volume, textures, and frequencies. The comparatively short tracks on this release make a good introduction, or addition to his work.

FRANCISCO LOPEZ/STEVE RODEN- Le Chemin Du Paradis CD (Fario, France)
The newest installment in Fario's split-CD series finds the two artists of environmental sound construction in fine form. One long track of building intensity from each, as well as a collaborative track between the two (a trademark of the Fario split series) makes this ideal introduction, or an essential addition for those in the know.

LOTUS- Garbage In, Lotus Out CD (Breathmint/Freedom From/Ignivomous/Sunship, U.S.A.)
How does one describe this? Crazy programming blurts of funky/heavy/chaotic speedcore, stop and start riffs, seemingly intending to confound your expectations of where the song is heading. If the music wasn't one-of-a-kind enough, it's topped off by a competing duo vocalists ranting at the top of their lungs and range. Weird disc (fun too)...

LOW END ENSEMBLE-untitled CDR (.angle.rec., Canada)
Montreal noise duo, using bass, synths and "noisy things", and the latter is what you could describe the four pieces on this disc as (in a good way, of course). Limited to 150 copies in a slim DVD case.

MARCUS MAEDER- Solipsistic_Motion LP (Domizil, Switzerland)
Intriguing new release from this member of the Swiss Domizil family. Maeder shares other Domizil artists interest in very sharply edited sounds arranged into compositions that unveil many surprises. Very clean production pressed onto very high-quality vinyl.

MAEROR TRI- Hypnotikum II LP (Poeta Negra/Absurd #5, Greece)
These recordings are based on loops used for live shows in 1996, and as such, are more based around repetitive rhythms, almost like a submerged dream memory of drone-rock. Slightly more harsh than much of their other output, but their trademark drones and amorphous sonic drifts are certainly present in all their glory.

MAEROR TRI- Hypnotikum I LP (Soleilmoon, U.S.A.)
Having had part two here for quite a while, finally we have the first installment. Like its companion, this is material based on the material prepared for live shows in 1996, with the German Tri-o showing all its faces- the deep rumbling frequencies, thunderous rhythms, thick drones, ultra-echoed guitar... Cover by Mars from the Vance Orchestra.

MAEROR TRI- The AVE Tapes/Live In Nevers CD (Zhelezobeton, Russia)
This album contains the last previously unreleased recordings by Maeror Tri. Four tracks are fragments of the band's 12-hour concert at the "Audio-Visual-Experimental" festival in Arnhem, The Netherlands, on November 11th, 1995; the fifth track is a part of their performance at the "Musique Ultimes" festival in Nevers, France, on May 14th, 1995. The material was thoroughly remastered by Sergey Uak-Kib (Kshatriy) and the artwork was prepared by Sergey Ilchuk (Vresnit & Vetvei Art).

LASSE MARHAUG- One Eye And Watching 7" 45 (Melektronikk, Norway)
The second part of Melektronikk series presided over by the Safe As Milk label, the ever-prolific Marhaug gives us two tracks of strange, minimal sounds fluttering in and out of focus combined with deep resonating frequencies.

MEERKAT- Kapnos CD (afe, Italy)
The Meerkat ensemble is formed by a small group of Italian musicians and friends working in the field of experimental music, drones, microsounds and field recordings. They are: Adriano Zanni/Punck, Matteo Uggeri/Hue, Luca Sigurtà, Luca Bergero/Fhievel, Davide Valecchi/aal, Andrea "Ics" Ferraris, Fabio Selvafiorita, Paolo Ippoliti & Laura Lovreglio (Logoplasm) and Andrea Marutti/Amon.

MELANCHOLICS- Masking My Monkey 7" (Drone, Germany)
The german trio working on dark guitarish & very filmic sound-drones, "thick atmospheric darkness" at its best. Dark blue vinyl, different coloured silk-screen covers, limited to 300 copies.

MIMETIC- Out Of Tune picture-disc LP (Moloko+, Germany)
This pic-disc features new remixes of Mimetic's material, situated in the intersection where post-industrial experimentalism, trip-hop, IDM, and moody string sections meet. Despite the different remixers, this flows well as an individual album. With: PHIL VON, COLUMN ONE, NORSCQ, AH CAMA-SOTZ, ELEKTROPLASMA, STOCHA.

MIND SKELP-CHER/THE INFANT CYCLE- Fractured Cassette '95 C50 (Doomsday Transmissions, Canada)
A few copies of this rare tape have resurfaced. 1995 caught both projects at their most collage-oriented, soaked in ambiguous atmospheres; dark yet never descending into dark ambient cliches. Spiky sonic images, obscure track titles, and substance hangovers in cassette form.

MINIMATA- Niigata CD (Zone de Confusion, France)
Re-issue of the third tape, originally recorded in 1985. Two tracks coming from compilations recorded at the same period, plus one unreleased 17 minute-track recorded in 2002.

MLEHST- Another Cross To Bear CDR (The Locus of Assemblage, England)
The British tape-culture veteran seems to inhabit the middle ground between ambient noise and harsh noise, using various sound sources- live instrumentation, field recordings, and... that of undeterminable origin. If you are familiar with earlier work, you know to expect the unexpected. Second edition of 100 numbered copies.

THE MOGLASS- NS12 CD (Nexsound, Ukraine)
Spacey guitar and electronics excursions from this Ukraine project. Pieces range from echoey krautrock leanings to more darker post-industrial rumblings, an improvised trip through unusual areas.

MONEYISGOD- MARKS CD (Heart & Crossbone, Israel)
Described as a lethal dose of industrialized and Sludge-grudge, the group exists in their own area of combining electronic, doom and hardcore fused with loud anger.

GEN KEN MONTGOMERY- Drilling Holes CD (Monochrome Vision, Russia)
Active in the cassette underground, Gen Ken Montgomery has been a creator, producer, presenter, and all-around advocate of sound art ever since. His work focuses mostly on the rediscovery or recontextualization of domestic sounds, sounds that surround us in our everyday life, from pets and snorers to radiators and electrical appliances.

MURMER- .murmer CDR (Bake Records, Holland)
Murmer is Patrick McGinley, who previously appeared on the excellent Chaleur compilation. Given the space of an album, the manipulations of natural sounds are allowed to slowly evolve. Murmer's material walking a thin line between warm ambient moods and colder concrete sound. On Bake Records (a sublabel of Staalplaat).

MYYRMAN- Pornosmagoria CDR (Cold Graey, Russia)
This is a solo-project of ArnoldPR of Reutoff. The rhythm is essentially closer to Das Reut, with its apocalyptic harmony and striking-down samples. The music is easy, but you feel its extreme heaviness after digging it. The album goes straight to the deepest sides of consciousness to settle in there and turn everything upside down. Limited to 57 copies in high quality oversized cover.

NARC- Internal Use Only CDR (Deterrent Industries, Canada)
British Columbia-based duo who create an instrumental mixture of cutting power-noise rhythms and loops, mixed with melancholic string sounds and melodies that bring to mind Skinny Puppy and Cabaret Voltaire in their more experimental moods.

PHILL NIBLOCK- Music By Phill Niblock CD (XI Records, U.S.A.)
Two beautiful long pieces featuring the Soldier String Quartet. Various almost-imperceptible shifts in pitch between various elements (live and pre-recorded) result in a sense of parts of the composition moving closer and further away from a sonic center. The methods are too involved to get into in this short entry, but it is essential for drone-lovers...

99MG/L. PERNICE- Ligne Laterale CD (Fario, France)
Split CD between these French artists. 99mg create a chaotic and jagged style of rhythmic music, utilizing distortion and surprising sounds from their collection of guitars, synths, and found sounds. L. Pernice offers a cleaner sound based around often melodic dance loops, often with a spectral current. Included is a collaboration of both artists.

OBJEKT/URIAN- Tonfragmente CD (Nuit Et Brouillard, France)
Objekt/Urian is a German duo working with selfmade instruments and old electronics. Their music is a great mixture of dark atmospheric soundscapes and power-electronics with a strong old-school industrial touch at one and the same time original, melodic and powerful...Comes in special nice digipack with new artwork and selected varnished parts.

PAULINE OLIVEROS- No Mo CD (Pogus Productions, U.S.A.)
Those only familiar with Ms. Oliveros' environmental- ambient Deep Listening work may be surprised by the work contained on this collection, which were recorded in the mid '60s. Using tape delays and early tone generators, she created pieces that predicted much of the early German electronic and the harsh noise scenes.

ONQ- The Supreme Weight CDR (OuZel Records, Italy)
Moody psychedelic songs featuring distant vocals, oddly tuned guitars, and organ drones from this Italian duo. A little different from The Ceiling's usual offerings in that this is more song-based, but still a mesmerizing and enjoyable trip to far off worlds.

ORPHX AND THE INFANT CYCLE- Interference CD (Hands Productions, Germany)
New EP from these Canadian projects. One new original each, and mutual remixes equaling four tracks of skewed, rhythmic electronic overload, dynamic shifts in perspective, and interesting sounds, all within the amorphous swirl of radio interference. In four-way foldout package.

PAUL PANHUYSEN- Partitas For Long Strings CD (XI Records, U.S.A.)
Since 1982, Panhuysen has created over 200 installations of long strings.. The three pieces on this disc range from relaxing drones to much more dissonant, involved pieces, all with the otherworldly textures created from the long (not amplified or processed) strings. Included is a 32 page booklet of pictures and text, detailing Panhuysen's history.

PHOLDE- Aperture Of The Internal Surface CDR (Afe, Italy)
Once again, this is metal reverberation at its best where rich and harmonic drones resonates in a powerful manifestation of tonal abstractions, clanging collisions and morphing condensations.

POLKKA LOVE MACHINE- self-titled CDR (Zhelezobeton, Russia)
Polkka Love Machine is the title of a performance made by the Finnish theatrical group Sabotanic Garden founded by Pasi Mäkelä and Jussi Saivo. The piece appeared in 2009 and has toured extensively ever since in France, Germany, Austria, USA, Czech, Estonia and Finland. Now it's been turned into a musical project in which Pasi and Jussi explore the depths of ritual eroticism. Limited to 77 numbered copies.

PRAYING FOR OBLIVION/LAVA- split CD (Bar La Muerte, Italy)
Praying For Oblivion create layers of jagged noise scraps, constantly twisting and turning, occasionally augmented with angry vocals. Lava is A034 and Bar La Muerte kingpin Bruno Dorella, who in contrast, create a tightly rhythmic piece of layered analogue synth noise, inspired by "Space Is The Place".

PROJEKT KARPATY MAGICZNE- Ethnocore CD (Fly Music, Poland)
The Magic Carpathians present a multi-layered sound: at times a ritualistic trance drone, at other times a strange middle eastern funk. Often the two are blended together with many other discrete elements, electronic and acoustic, musical and "non-musical". An imaginative CD with some astounding vocal work.

PS STAMPS BACK/BOTONG untitled 3" CDR (1000+1 TiLT, Greece)
live collaboration in athens. field recordings, contact mics,loops, drones. soundscapes for frozen lands.

RADIO SHACK/RADIO SHOCK- split 7" EP (Breathmint/Ignivomous/Carbon/Sunship/Roger, U.S.A.)
Fittingly, instead of legally wrangling over the name (which is already a registered trademark of a slightly larger entity), the two similarily-named crews share a slab of vinyl. Apparently what seems to be the ultra-cheap electronics of the afore-mentioned chain dominates, but mutated and added to the already strange sonic identities of the two groups.

NEBOYSHA RAKIC- Winter Light CDR (Cohort Records, U.S.A.)
Neb Rakic recorded a couple of cassettes for Doomsday Transmissions under the moniker A.E.R., until dropping it due to confusion with a British project who used the same name. Those familiar with his earlier work will be pleased to him pursuing his folkish psychedelic loop ambience, into even deeper and fragmented fields. In large folder cover.

REBRO- Insane CD (Artificial Records, U.S.A.)
Not really stuck in any particular subgenre, Rebro have created a release that incorporates many disparate strands, from moody guitar sounds, to electronic melodies, strange cut-up samples, drum 'n' bass slicing and dicing all flowing (and occasionally colliding) into a seamless whole.

REMOTEBAND- Pinche Madre CDR (Abgurd, Russia)
Mysterious Russian dark drone project. Limited to 100 copies.

REUTOFF- No Ones Lullabyes CD (Zhelezobeton, Russia)

RM74- Mikrosport CD (Domizil, Switzerland)
Very small sounds that often fall into strange patterns of very quick edits, taking full advantage of the stereo spectrum and silence. Like other Domizil releases, this seems to explore the outer limits of computer composition, creating a strange landscape from sources like flirring neons and digital and analog sound errors. Angular sounds for relaxation.

SAL SOLARIS- Thresholds CD (Zhelezobeton, Russia)
"Thresholds" is the first Sal Solaris solo album in 15 years marked by a variety of collaborations, splits and minor releases. From a musical point of view this is probably the most complex and certainly the most rhythmic work of the duo which opens a new chapter in its history. Limited to 333 copies.

THE SAND RAYS- Remembered Vol. 1 CD (Zhelezobeton, Russia)
The first four (now-deleted) EPs gathered together and put in one place. Dream drones, ugly scrapes, and unintentional melody in an alternate version of harmony. In a matte gatefold sleeve, limited to 300 copies

THE SAND RAYS- The Infant Cycle EP 3" CDR (CEIL, Canada)
In 2009, The Infant Cycle released a CD titled "The Sand Rays". Now, ten years later, The Sand Rays created an EP that will allow the The Infant Cycle to name itself after it, closing the ten year envelope that will loop in perpetuity. There is nothing The Sand Rays enjoy more than repetition. Although this release may appear to be yet another attempt for The Sand Rays to sabotage its own catalogue, it's really just a shimmer and fold; yet

THE SAND RAYS- Remembered Vol. 2 (More EPs In Coalescence) CD (Zhelezobeton, Russia)
The Canadian musician Jim DeJong (ex-The Infant Cycle) continues to splinter and perplex his discography, releasing mini-works under different monikers: The Sand Rays, San Andreas, Sand Ra, etc. And we are making already the second attempt to collect these sprawling entities under a single cover after the CD "Remembered Vol. 1 (EPs gathered together)" in 2017.
This time Jim doesn’t reveal the list of tools that he used, but we know his passion for recycled sounds of shortwave radio, household appliances and malfunctioning electronics. His music is like ghostly monochrome corridors and sound tunnels which often end with sudden turns and dead ends. It is like endless fields of inner calm, woven from reverberations and atonal textures, giving way to mysterious several second-long cuts in which seemingly almost nothing happens. It is like a quiet psychedelic introversion, a contemplation of bitcrushed emptiness, a parallel existence in intangible layers of space. Limited to 107 numbered copies in a gatefold sleeve.

THE SAND RAYS (For September 2021) CDR (CEIL, Canada)
Embarking on an video project for overnight use (uncommited as to whether to fight insomnia or intensify it), the project spiraled out of control in its aim towards an eight hour run time. In the meantime, The Sand Rays has made some easier to handle remixes of some of the material. All source material is derived from a short accidental recording made a macbooks microphone of a nearby humidifier machine, and may be the most zone-out white noise and drone recording to have been released by The Sand Rays yet.
Also available as a download from The Sand Rays bandcamp page.

CEIL052 THE SAND RAYS- (For December 2021) 3" CDR
When an impending release gives birth to many other releases, you sometimes have no choice but to make more room. More of the accidental recording of a humidifier stretched out for late night listening and possibly to be reworked into a long-form video for overnight use. Or to continually reproduce, never conclude , and enjoy the trip. We'll see!

THE SAND RAYS- (For June 2023) CDR (CEIL, Canada)
It's a typical Sand Rays event when the promised releases don't appear (yet), but something else unannounced does. Another from the large pool of work for the long-long-long for video, long submersions into exploring a short, accidental recording a room's humidifier made with a laptop's battery. This release is most connected to (For September 2021) and is that set's finale. Desynchonizing the multi-track recorder, and gladly doing so for yours too. Unfoldinga and gliding, feeling like later in the day remembering a dream.

SHIMRI- Lilies Of The Field CD (ArtOfFact, Canada)
This is a side-project of Mentallo & The Fixer, although this sound is very different from their main activities. The sound on this CD is actually quite melodic, instrumental industrial with strong cinematic overtones, yet with a rough edge that won't let you leave it in the background.

SHRINE- Distorted Legends 7" (Drone, Germany)
Behind SHRINE we find a fresh experimental drone project from Bulgaria (currently residing in England) combining the melancholia of distorted synths with odd micro noises & effects. The fusion of rough and thunderous drones with hidden melodies evokes a strong emotional impact, like the feeling of being stuck in a confusing dream. SHRINE's philosophy shows a way to realize that what we call “realityâ€is to be mistrusted based upon our usual perceptions. The distortion of this reality opens up a chance to better understand its true essence and confront the things that lie behind the surface. 300 copies, numbered. Full-colour oversized gatefold sleeve.

ART SIMON- More Of The Same CD (Cohort Records, U.S.A.)
Compositions incorporating loud rhythms, theremin tones, and dense layers of computer-processed guitars. Hand-made packages too!

SINT- self-titled book and CD (Nautilus, Italy)
From the ashes of the Italian group CCC-CNC-NCN comes Sint. Twelve tracks of engaging electronic music filled with memorable melodies are accompanied by twelve full-colour illustrations representing the nighttime journey of the dreaming mind in this beautiful package.

SIX HEADS- self-titled CDR (Disembraining Songs, Canada)
From the ashes of Toronto's Urban Refuse Group, W.A. Davison, S.L. Higgins and cohorts have formed several spacious improvised soundscapes, brimming with mysterious sounds, quiet drones and unusual instruments. Surreal music for surreal people...

SIZZLE- Le Territoire Des Ames CDR (Facthedral's Hall, France)
An interesting and hypnotic mixture of trip-hop, dark noise and melodies, modified bizarre sounds, and danceable beats from the little-known but always interesting French group. Imagine the wayward experimentations of Dome transplanted to the new millennium, and you may get an idea of the directions of this CD.

SIZZLE- Natural Elements CDR (Facthedral's Hall, France)
The follow-up to LTDA finds Sizzle compacting the experiments into easier bite-sized pieces. Catchy, moody, yet nonetheless very strange, Natural Elements may be the best place to start with this French group.

SPHERE REX- For Electronics And Solo Piano CD (Muzyka Voln, Russia)
Quiet, meditative and pure analogue ambient music, built around piano improvisations. Calm prevails.

SUKORA- Oeo LP (Ignivomous, U.S.A.)
Very minimal and quiet release that seems to draw on feedback and turntable noise (if our ears are detecting the sources correctly). Perhaps the ultimate release for turntable fetishism, examining up close the warm beauty of vinyl surface noise.

THE SUZUKI KID- 2002 AC/DC CDR (Total Zero, Canada)
Crazed new release from the Montreal Kid. Exceedingly harsh drum'n'bass rhythms topped off with demented MC-ing, propelled straight into your skull. An atmosphere of high-speed fun prevails, along with the most gratuitous use of the word "motherfucker" ever.

TELEFORM- self-titled CD (Domizil, Switzerland)
Teleform is the project of Bernd Schurer from Das Erdwerk. With help from Stefan Thut (also from Erdwerk) and Marcus Maeder, Schurer has created a new CD of very precise and tiny excerpts of sounds arranged into powerful and evocative pieces: sometimes demanding soundscapes, and occasionally suggesting drum'n'bass at its most abstract.

THEME- Forever (Lost) Valentine CD (Heart & Crossbone, Israel)
Valentine (Lost) Forever, the new (and third) album from Theme, a band comprised of Stuart Carter, Jeanne Boyer and Richard Johnson (from Splintered fame), is a hallucinogenic musical intersection where barbed words alter into shady mantras over a mesh of krautrock-inspired drones and cascading guitar strums collide with an oblique tamboura and foggy electronics, catching Theme exploring their environment with renewed vigor and nothing but questions left: Either open-ended or vying for interpretation. Includes a remix from ex-Banshee Steve Severin.

Poesis Athesis marks the debut release on Lens Records from internationally acclaimed composer Robert Scott Thompson. Having originally worked together in the mid-80's, Chi Kung Master Terrence Dunn (an admirer of Robert's music) once again contacted Thompson to compose music for his current series of video releases. Thompson composed the music to work specifically with the pace, mood and dynamics of the Flying Phoenix form of Chi Kung. The collaboration eventually spanned ten films and Thompson composed more than ten hours worth of music over a two year period. The thirteen tracks on Poesis Athesis are rooted in Robert Scott Thompson's ambient style but also blend it with elements of electronica, ethnic influences and a personal homage to French composer Erik Satie.

TRANCE- Compiled CD (Monochrome Vision, Russia)
Trance is the one-man project by american musician Mason Jones, known also as the founder of Charnel House label. During the 10 years of existence, he released 4 albums and numerous compilation tracks, which are often even more original and precious than album tracks. That's why Monochrome Vision decided to gather them altogether for this release, which collects the most interesting material from the archives of the underground network.

TROUM- AIWS CD (Transgredient, Germany)
Covers studio-recordings composed from 2002-2005, Composed with guitar-drones and harmonic phrases that are processed in various ways creating an atmosphere of the sublime and emotional meditative states that transcend listener to immerse within themselves. These musicians have compiled some of their most favorable pieces through the years to be placed on this release.

TROUM- Sigqan CD (Transgredient, Germany)
Germany's beloved drone duo keep on melting our minds. Re-issue of the long deleted album from 2003 (Desolation House), comes with new artwork feat. UV-high gloss spots, designed by Alan McClelland.

TROUM- Ljubimaya/Daur CD (Abgurd, Russia)
Two 10" vinyl EPs combined and reissued: "Ljubimaya" 10" (May 2003) and "Daur" 10"(June 1998).

TWINE- :reference: CD (AdAstra, U.S.A.)
Quite a mixture of sounds in this dark electronica release, from overflowing dark ambient sounds, drum 'n' bass elements, occasionally abrasive textures, imaginative effects. Mysterious and captivating sounds for those who like their rhythms torn away from the "nice pop song" context.

UNDECISIVE GOD- self-titled CDR (Shame File, Australia)
Drifting guitar-generated drones and noises from the Australian project, occasionally erupting into feedback-drenched heavy noise rock. Includes a Dead C. cover.

THE UNIREVERSE- Katron 12" EP (Total Zero, Canada)
Hot the heels of their popular debut CDR, our favourite Montreal Moog trio return with their first vinyl release. Once again they cover Godspeed You Black Emporer, and also take on Hawkwind and The Silver Apples, mutated into the Unireverse's unusual style.

THE UNIREVERSE- Plays The Music Vol. II: Explosions D'Etoiles CDR (Total Zero, Canada)
Newest album from the U., this time taking on another diverse group of covers (The Human League, J.J. Cale, Donna Summer), that oddly enough, don't sound that different from their takes on Hawkwind, Silver Apples etc. As well, this outing features two new originals spotlighting their electronic squelchiness. Great multi-reflective cover.

VITRIOL- Radonee 0.06 CD (SIRR.ecords, Portugal)
This EP-length CD is made up of engaging sounds, seemingly from the everyday environment, but altered and introduced into strange, unlikely contexts, often accompanied by distant tones. This Portuguese collective have added an interesting new voice into the worldwide pool of sound-altering artists.

VLOR- Six-Winged CD (Silber Records, U.S.A.)
New full-length from the Silber collective, featuring appearances from members of Remora, Aarktika, 6PM, Plumerai, The Infant Cycle, mwvm and many others. A diverse but coherent place, standing in the intersection where ambient guitar noise, post-rock, and garage aggressiveness meet, bathed in a sweet lo-fi light.

VOICE OF EYE- Live LP (Anomalous Records, U.S.A.)
This LP documents two live performances from 1994. Even away from the studio, this duo are adept at weaving mesmerizing tapestries of electronics and acoustic instruments over a percussive base. Red vinyl.

WANDER- self-titled CDR (Zhelezobeton, Russia)

DAVID WELLS- Efegin 3" CDR (SiRiDisc, UK)
Based on the master tapes of The Infant Cycle's track "Ephedrin Bird Samba", David Wells coaxes out the drones buried deep in that track into a 20 minute glide through harmonic and textural shifts, drones simultaneously warm and dark. Signed and numbered edition of 100 copies.

X3D5 & NOISES OF RUSSIA- Theurgy CDR (Zhelezobeton, Russia)
Dead Christ, letters of Escher, The Last Judgement, dark ambient with vodka, daemons of anxiety, feverish rhythmic noise with a rash on mucous, a rope, a bullet, icy haze and everything you are afraid to know about the fate of our Heavenly Homeland in the new album of X3D5 x Noises Of Russia "Theurgy". The Gloom Of Motherland, how sweet it is, how homely! limited to 77 numbered copies!

Z'EV- Sum Things CD (Cold Spring, UK)
2009 album from the legendary percussion artist, with a dark drone ambient flavour, primal.

VARIOUS ARTISTS- 1000+1 TiLT #8 CD (1000+1 TiLT, Greece)

VARIOUS ARTISTS- 1000+1 TiLT #9 CD (1000+1 TiLT, Greece)

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Ambient Intimacy Volume 3 CDR (EE Tapes, Belgium)

VARIOUS ARTISTS- American Devices Twentieth Anniversary 7" EP (Total Zero, Canada)
As the title states, this 7" commemorates the twentieth anniversary of AMERICAN DEVICES, and includes PHYCUS, CORPUSSE and DETROIT METAL. If you want to hear rock music twisted into shapes that it can never return from, this one is for you.

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Anomalous Silencer III CD (Napalmed, Czech Republic)
A great introduction to numerous projects heard and unheard. Incredible package of molded plastic envelope containing the CD and a thick booklet of information and graphics from all the artists involved. Numbered edition of 500 copies. Corrosive noise, mutant techno, noise core supplied by: DANIELE BRUSASCHETTO, THE END, FEAR AND LOATHING, GOVERNMENT ALPHA, WELCOME V. SOUND INHALER, HERMAFRODIT, CYANOSIS, D.T.Z., EXIT, LEL' SABU, OUTERMOST, TACTICAL ERADICATION FUNCTION, SONIC DISORDER, MOURMANSK 150, KA BOOOM!, RED ASH AND THE LOVE COMMANDOS, K.G.B., MAMARRACHO, GEEST?, REYNOLS, ANEMONE TUBE, ECITON MEETS YGGDRASIL, HUMANEXTERMINATION PROJECT, NAPALMED, SICK SICK SICK SISTER.

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Assortiement De Facthedral's Hall 2xCDR (Facthedral's Hall, France)
Partially a sampler of the artists orbiting the F.H. label, and also a compilation of the label's friends from all over the world. Two discs housed in great handmade packaging, limited to 100 numbered copies. The "ingredients": SIZZLE, LA KUIZINE, LE K., RAS-AL-GHUL, SOMNIAK, THE INFANT CYCLE, CHILDREN OF ASMODEUS, THE MIMETIC CASE, SCARS XS, SISYGAMBIS, PAT-ETIQUE LAB-ORATOIRE, DEADROW 77, DELPHIUM, SEPTEMBRE NOIR, PADRE P.E.

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Automation 2xLP (Laub Records, Germany)
An introduction to the new Laub label featuring quite a line-up of interesting artists. From meditative drone music, to computer cut-ups to harsh noise, a good beginning: SPEAR, THO 50 AA, OTIUM, TROUM, ULTRA MILKMAIDS, FOR A SPACE, GUILTY CONNECTOR, ALIENLOVERS, CONTAGIOUS ORGASM, CHRISTIAN RENOU, DRAPE EXCREMENT, TELEPHERIQUE.

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Breaking The Plastic Hymen, Vinyl Virgins & Lo-Fi Whores 4x7" EP (Fisheye, England)
Initially released as two double-pack 7" releases, now all together in one convenient package. There is a lot to explore here, the "underground" being diverse and ever-expanding into uncharted waters. Not for the genre-elitist. Numbered edition of 75 copies. RAKE, WINGTIP SLOAT, HOOD, DELPHIUM, V-NECK, SMALL THINGS, PASTE, TEA CULTURE, RICHARD YOUNGS AND SIMON WICKHAM-SMITH, THE SHADOW RING, NOGGIN, PRICK DECAY, BUGSKULL, THE GLANDS OF ETERNAL SECRETION, STARSTRUCK, and more...

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Demain CD (Silber Records, U.S.A.)
A nice budget-priced way to familiarize yourself with the folks recording for the Silber label. From deep, dark rumblings, to ambient guitar work, to freeform clamor, to dreamy pop... something for everyone (or at least everyone who matters)... ORIGAMI ARKTIKA, PETER ALDRICH, SMALL LIFE FORM, MY GLASS BESIDE YOURS, REMORA, AARKTIKA, CLANG QUARTET, BURMONTER, VLOR, FADE, STILL.

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Difficult Music For Difficult People CD (RRs.R, Belgium)

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Garten Der Verschlungenen Pfade: Jahr 01 CD (Pfad, Germany)
"Garten..." is a monthly event hosted by Kein Babel in Berlin. To celebrate its first year of activity, this CD has been released, featuring exclusive tracks from all the artists who have performed in the previous year. An interesting mix of many different experimental ideas. KEIN BABEL, SUDDEN INFANT, MIWON, DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE, COLUMN ONE, NOMEX, TEA? MR. X, TRAVELER, MARC WANNABE, MULTIPARA, SNIPER, LUXURY DISCRETE SURROUNDINGS II.

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Hungry Ghosts 2xCD (Mutant Music/Merchants of Sound, U.S.A.)
A great double set here, with a great line-up and hand-made package. Over two hours of magical, experimental soundscapes- great for the completist or newbie. RAPOON, FRANCISCO LOPEZ, SRMEIXNER, ILLUSION OF SAFETY, JEPH JERMAN, ERIC LUNDE, C.D., NOT BREATHING, CAUL, BREAST FED YAK, THE INFANT CYCLE, SKYE KLAD, J. DAVISON, FADLADDER, DATURA and more...

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Kaos Ex Machina I 2xCDR (Kaos Kontrol, Finland)
A document of the Kaos Ex Machina concert held in Finland a year or so back. Live noise, well-recorded and executed. Packaged in DVD case with individual printed inserts from all of the participants. Great package containing lengthy recordings from: GRUNT/CLOAMA, STROM. E.C., PUTREFIER, TEMPLE OF TIERMES, DIETER MUH.

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Mono CDR (Badbeatz, Germany)
An interesting mixture of tracks- from hypnotic low-fi noise, to hard rhythmic industrial, to location recording exploration. Packaged with printed metal cover, and including a not-so-hidden bonus track. Numbered edition of 77 copies. LDT, 4 FLIES ON GREY VELVET, VITALDIGITAL, F.E, HYPERDRIVER, SUBTON.

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Muzick Out Of Open Windows CDR (Field Muzick, Germany)
Taking the title literally, ten sound artists record the sounds of their immediate surroundings, and mix them into their pieces- sort of an aural travelogue of the globe, and how the artists' surroundings filter into their inner workings.... DRONAEMENT, AALFANG MIT PFERDEKOPF, DEEP, FRZ W/ IMAGHO, SEBASTIEN ROUX, ALIO DIE, ANDREA MARUTTI, LOGOPLASM, THE INFANT CYCLE, FRAGMIST.

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Not Made By Industry II CD (Pro Noize, Germany)
Dark, pounding industrial music sampler that carries you through various moods. Includes some of the newer names from the Ant Zen, Hands, and CMI labels, as well as a few older projects. SWARTALF, ORPHX, MZ 412, SONA EACT, NOISEX, PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE/DIRK IVENS, PIERREPOINT, ARZT & PFUSCH, AXIOME, CONVERTER, PEAK, XEBOX, BLACKHOUSE, ESPLENDOR GEOMETRO, FEINDFLUG.

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Overshadow CDR (AntmanuvMICRO, Canada)
Tomane V. from Antmanuv has assembled a fine collection of experimental audio artists from all over the planet: @C, ERRATIC, VITOR JOAQUIM, DIEB, OK.SUITCASE, HACJERONTE, TIRRIDDILIU, ANTMANUV, THE INFANT CYCLE, SMBP, HOUSE OF SNAKES, MATVM.MX, CANCER, LOD, AMNAV.

VARIOUS ARTISTS- That First Season 2xCD (Winter-Light, The Netherlands)
If the label's name didn't give you an idea of where it's coming from, here is an excellent double set of glacial experimental ambient music- a good introduction in a great, multi-panel double digipack. SEETYCA, GYDJA, PHANTOM SHIP, FOETUSDREAMS, NEXUS SUN, ABBILDUNG, CHARADRIIFORM & FILIVS MACROCOSMI, VELGENATURLIG, RAPOON, JEFF STONEHOUSE, HAVDI, APOCRYPHOS, STROM NOIR, KLOOB, MICHAEL BRUCKNER & MATHIAS GRASSOW, HAKOBUNE

VARIOUS ARTISTS- They've Got The Whole World In Their Hands 2xCD (Methods To Survive Network System, Germany)
Back in stock! Numerous diverse artists are invited to this compilation, intended to accentuate differences in ideas, working together. There is a lot of interesting music here, including special transitional tracks, and the first ever recording session from the organizers, THE METHODS. Also featuring: VANCE ORCHESTRA, ILLUSION OF SAFETY, KINGDOM SCUM, MUSLIMGAUZE, MLEHST, BOURBONESE QUALK, MASONNA, S*CORE, #TAU, ARNO PEETERS, FRANCOIS DOURIS, MICHAEL WELLS, TORNOW, M.O.W.E./VERWERTER.

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Thisconnected CD (This.Co, Portugal)
A good sampler of the Ras.Al.Ghul family, as well as their friends from all over the planet. Mostly atmospheric rhythmic pieces, but containing a wide variety of mood and texture. COLUMN ONE, MARC WANNABE, RAS.AL.GHUL, MIMETIC MUTE, SCI-FI INDUSTRIES, DELPHIUM, MATT HOWDEN, BOURBONESE QUALK, COM. GEN, TROUM, BEGGARLY BANNISTER, RASAL.A'SAD.

VARIOUS ARTISTS- An Uncommon Nature LP (Anomalous Records, U.S.A.)
Celebrating ten years in business, Anomalous Records have released a new compilation featuring many of their regular collaborators, all working with the theme of nature recordings. Package with stunning cover photos and postcards from Rachel Jackson. Featuring JONATHAN COLECLOUGH, RICHARD LERMAN, JEPH JERMAN, CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS, MIKE SHANNON, DAVE KNOTT, MIRROR, MONOS, AGOG.

Chain D.L.K. magazine/CD issue #7 October 1999 (Italy)


A.E.R.- After C46 (Doomsday Transmissions, Canada)
After an absence of a couple of years, this cassette features new directions moving into the swirl of hypnotic loops comprising voice, guitar and found sounds. Each copy comes with individual handmade colour cover.

ALUMINUM NOISE- Totally Fucking Lost CD (Crimethinc., U.S.A.)
A re-issue of the already scarce CDR, and thankfully reprising the hand-painted sleeves. Aluminum Noise create a huge wall of ambient drones and harsh noise; constant waves of sound ebbing and flowing, resulting from source tapes from a 4-track and the ambient hum of an orchestra's last notes.

ARCHANGEL- Gestohlene Gut CDR (Wreck Age, Canada)
Those used to the ambient side of Archangel will be surprised by this release. Fifty-seven tracks of bizarre cut-ups and digital manipulations in a constant flux of texture and mood. Resembles a cartoon soundtrack based on the most irrational impulses.

ARCHANGEL- tef' hang -o- ver CDR (Wreck Age, Canada)
The Wreck Age re-issue programs continues with this remastered version of the cassette from a few years back. While it is missing the goodies-filled package of the tape, it does contain a wealth of bonus tracks (including film soundtracks), and the remastered tracks let us hear the ebb and flow of synths, gongs, telephones in welcome clarity.

ARCHANGEL- Skulking CDR (Wreck Age, Canada)
Re-issue of the early cassette from this Montreal project, now with additional material. Long soundscapes incorporating various percussion objects, moody synth washes, telephone sounds, and various other sources.

ARCHANGEL- Music For Blizzards CDR (Wreck Age, Canada)
The flipside to Gestohlene Gut- five long tracks of deep, grainy atmospheres- the sound of dreams, drained of colour with only shades of grey left. The music for those isolated in their homes during the winter...

ARCHANGEL VS. ATMOSPHEH-RHYCXX- Ontogeny + Chill-Out Part 1 CDR (Wreck Age, Canada)
Another re-issue from the Wreck Age archives, conveniently uniting two older cassettes on one disc. Ontogeny is a half-hour live-on-the-radio recording, while Chill Out is just that- long tracks of electronics and found sound meant for total relaxation, at least for those with a large amount of noise damage in their diets.

Another collaboration from the incestuous Montreal family. The DFS aggro sound is stripped down to its basics and given a cosmic overhaul. Once again the original cassette is augmented with a generous amount of bonus material.

AUDIODELICA- 1993 - 1997 CDR (Planeta X, Argentina)
As one can guess by the title, this is a compilation of tracks recorded over a span of four years. This is is a good place to introduce yourself to this Argentinian project. While some tracks seem to hover in a melodic trance, other plunge deep into confusing whirlpools of sound.

AUTUMN TEARS- Love Poems For Dying Children Act 1 picture-disc LP (Red Stream, U.S.A.)
As you can probably guess from the title, a pretty dark release. Imagine Dead Can Dance scoring for the Hammer House of Horror, with layers of cathedral organ, piano, male and female voice in a cathedral-like atmosphere. Picture disc inside a printed cover with lyric sheet and poster.

DANIELE BRUSASCHETTO- Ti Amo Ubriaco C90 (Aon Distribution, Bulgaria)
A little less song-oriented, and a lot more raw than Daniele's work that have appeared on his CD albums. Side two is a collaboration with the Italian group All Scars Orchestra.

CLANG QUARTET- Jihad CD (Silber Records, U.S.A.)
Although actually one member (Scotty Irving, who has worked with Eugene Chadbourne among others), the "Clang" part of the moniker is appropriate, not to mention the live material sounds like much more than one person. An eccentric, personal vision of free-from percussion clamor, family tapes, cicadas, scuzzy distortion, and explanations.

COCK E.S.P.- The Pride Of North American Noise CD (Breathmint/Ecstatic Peace/Ignomivous/Carbon etc., U.S.A.)
If you had any doubts about the claims of the title, this CD (co-released by five different labels) should dispel them. The American trio create eighteen different tracks of varied noise that fly at you from every direction, never sinking into repetitive boredom.

DAB.AY.AH- Find The Canyon 7" EP (Suggestion Records, Germany)
A strange drone-rock project, incorporating layers of fuzzed-out guitars, and various layers of sound textures, blended into a big wall of sound. Maroon vinyl housed inside an equally multi-layered die-cut cover.

DERELICT- M.D.E.S. CDR (Derelict, Canada)
Derelict hail from Ottawa, creating a sort of rough and hyper rhythmic industrial sound. Features plenty of new material, as well as re-recordings from previous releases.

THE DIGITARIAT- I Created Over One Million Jobs CDR (The Locus of Assemblage, England)
An offshoot of Dachise, The Digitariat create a more rhythmic sound, while still retaining Dachise's love for over-the-top distortion. Imagine a digital hardcore album picked up and shook vigourously with pieces flying everywhere, and you may get an idea of untethered delights of this album. Limited to 200 numbered copies in large sleeve with poster.

DOGGED FOR SYMPATHY- Handglove (The World Wasn't Made For Streetwalkers) C60 (Wreck Age, Canada)
Montreal techno-based music. Beats, synths and samples merge into cohesive songs- one side vocal oriented, and a second side of textured, inviting synthscapes.

DOGGED FOR SYMPATHY- Cloned Out C45 (Wreck Age Recordings, Canada)
Back in stock! Newest release from this Montreal industrial group. Several mixes of the title track, from catchy industrial beats, to more atmospheric and contemplative pieces.

FADLADDER- Avant Evil For Avant People CDR (Re:Set Records, U.S.A.)
Some of you may remember David Miller as the head of the Sick Muse label a number of years ago, as well as the experimental project ECE. Fadladder is his new project, with a sound situated in experimental industrial with roots in groups like "Too Dark Park" era Skinny Puppy and Cabaret Voltaire. This is their debut EP.

FUN-TOURIST- Face On/Take One 7" EP (Worm Interface, England)
A fun release, in which an almost commercial (albeit moody) sound collides with all sorts of unexpected electronic tomfoolery. Worm Interface has made a name for itself in the field of abstract IDM, and this record is a welcome addition.

HIMURO VS. KOICHI- Latest Gorgeous Energy LP (Worm Interface, England)
Two of Japan's most formula-destroying electronica artists share an LP. While each have their own personality, both share the characteristic of never letting the audience know where their funky noise will end up- surprising, yet cohesive.

ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI/ANTIMATTER- Function Generator CD (SIRR.ecords, Portugal)
Limiting their sound sources to low frequencies (no higher than 100 hz), Karkowski (collaborator with The Hafler Trio, Blixa Bargeld, Merzbow...) and Antimatter (producer and mastering credits for Xenakis, Duchamp...) have created a minimal and and hypnotic work. Quiet patterns that slowly build in intensity for the deep listener.

LE.SEIGNEUR.DEABOLIQUE- 808127338 C60 (Wreck Age, Canada)
A combination of happy-go-lucky electronics, hazy and swirling psychedelia, and fuzzed-out guitar damage.

LE.SEIGNEUR.DEABOLIQUE- Echoes CDR (Wreck Age, Canada)
The final release from the Montreal maniac home-taper (now reconfigured into Adamo), with an all-around more cosmic (or kosmische?) vibe. Slightly less chaotic and more hypnotic than previous efforts, yet still strange and interesting. Digital re-issue of the cassette with bonus material.

MORPHINE BOUTIQUE- Don't Dolby The Bedroom Composers CD (Tete-a-Tete, Germany)
A well-produced collection of smooth IDM, crackling noise edits, haunting jazz loops, and ambience, often mixing together, and in other times set up in jolting contrasts. A lively listen...

MUTE LAKES- self-titled CDR (Curve Records/Aon Distribution, Bulgaria)
Dark recordings from this new Bulgarian group. The music ranges from string-synth melancholic songs, to more free-form and cavernous soundscapes. No easy comparisons.

SUBTON- Works With Fragments 7" EP (Badbeatz, Germany)
Side one appears to be very short blitzes of ultra-harsh noise- so short, in fact, that they almost seem to resemble the scratch tracks on hip hop DJ 12"s. Side two features longer tracks, featuring a menacing, pulsing electronic sound, filled with the hard-edged menace this German project is getting known for. Limited to 99 copies.

SURVIVOURS/DUNDERHEAD/BARAKI- Alt.Frequencies 2 12" EP (Worm Interface, England)
The original CD compilation that this 12" excerpts is very scarce these days, but three fine track are still obtainable here. Driving rhythms, from ominous to light-hearted, perhaps on the format where they truly belong.

SVSTRIATE- Whole Year Inn CDR (Glare, U.S.A.)
This American project creates an interesting blend of ambient sound, harsher noise and hints of a very heavy electronica, arranged in an intriguing "and now for something completely different" progression of events.

UPHOLD- Transexpose CDR (Dangermuff Enterproses, Canada)
This was originally composed as a radio program. Uphold's distinctive multi-layered approach to noise soundscapes, spoken word, and a million and one obscure samples focus on the transgender individual and community; alternatingly haunting, funny, saddening, and joyous, never staying in any sort of static moment.

UPHOLD- Pony Tale CDR (Dangermuff Enterproses, Canada)
The newest release. Of all the tape-culture denizens that appeared in Southern Ontario in the '90s, Uphold (formerly known as Greenman), may be the most criminally overlooked. Not easy to digest on first listen, Uphold throws a clusterbomb of conflicting sounds, emotions, and skillfully interweaves, so that it would take a lifetime to fathom it.

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Anomalous Silencer 4. CD (Napalmed, Czech Republic)

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Behind Closed Doors CDR (Shame File, Australia)
An expose of Australia's little-known home taper experimental scene, some of whom are becoming a little bit better-known these days: FENETIK, KILL, HUMAN HOST, NETE, PARASITICUS DEI, UNDECISIVE GOD, ISOMER, ANNA, KETTLE.

VARIOUS ARTISTS- A Cosmic Noise Compilation: Volume 1: A Noise Byte Collective C90 (Wreck Age, Canada)

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Electric Chicken Volume One LP (Worm Interface, England)
Another of the items we found when browsing through our stock boxes. An interesting selection of tracks from WI's international stable: KOICHI, FIBLA, HIMURO, SOLAR X, RYOKO, HEXAGON SUN and more...

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Fire Crawl With Me LP (Bar La Muerte, Italy)
Coming from the Bar La Muerte folks, here is a good collection of tracks falling between dark electronic music and crazed noise-rock (and the strange places in between). AL:FREDA, DANIELE BRUSASCHETTO, DSE, LIPS VAGO, (R), LAVA, DEEP.

VARIOUS ARTISTS- FM Must Die! Vol.1 CD (Invasion Wreck Chords, Belarus)
Belarus is home to a lot of new high-quality outfits, combining industrial, grindcore and electronics spiked with a lot of punk energy. If you wish dive into the chaos, here is a good sampler: AMBASSADOR 21, FAT NOT DEAD, A-LEX, AD ASTRA, MARS LIBERATION FRONT, ANGRY ROSE 2000, LUNA:R, RABBIT EGGS, KARAOKE VOMIT, BUBEN, ZHRAIA, I ME MINE, BRAVURA, KRITCHEV VS BAN.

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Nightwaves: The Compilation Vol. 1 CDR (Eleven Wave Recordings, Canada)
A good sampler of little-known but interesting electronic music from the east coast of Canada, from synthpop to more minimal and experimental ideas. Compiled by the Nightwaves magazine. THE END OF TIME, CREON, RIBCAGE, ART DAMAGE, GARY FLANAGAN, THE VOID, INFINITE DENSITY, ANDREW DUKE, ASSFACE.

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Songs From 20th Century Homes LP (Old Gold, U.S.A.)
If there was any city's tape culture that had absorbed so many different underground forms of music, and create a large number of personal mutations, it would be that of Winnipeg, Manitoba, which this LP documents. RUDY BUST, DRUE AND MYLES LANGLOIS, NDF, ALIEN HYBRID, ALBATROSS, ADRIAN SHALOM WILLIAMS, POT ROAST, THE UNTANNED HIDE OF A YOUNG COW, MICHAEL DUMONTIER, EYEBALL HURT & THE MEDICINE, TOM ELLIOT, GO ACTION WITH DA-DA SOUND, THE GARAGE PEOPLE, TODD MARTIN.

VARIOUS ARTISTS- The Stone Road Recordings C90 (Aon Distribution, Bulgaria)
Recordings from the Stone Road Studios featuring three interrelated projects: INNERVERSE, BROTHERHOOD, and MUMBLES. Sounds range from psychedelic folk music to repetitive electronic grooves.

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