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CEIL055 THE SAND RAYS- (For August 2023) online (CEIL, Canada)
Continuing the ever deep-dives into the same source material for the past couple of years, This here duo of files represents an appendix of sorts to the recent Sand Rays albums, though what is primary and what is secondary in The Sand Rays universe is never fully understood. But what you can expect is more of the ultra-minimal frequencies wash that is being given into as of recently. Submersive, meditative, low-fidelity, high-reality, noise-as-love. 1) Side Two-And-A-Bit 2) Outroduction.


CEIL054 THE SAND RAYS- (For June 2023) CDR (CEIL, Canada)
It's a typical Sand Rays event when the promised releases don't appear (yet), but something else unannounced does. Another from the large pool of work for the long-long-long for video, long submersions into exploring a short, accidental recording a room's humidifier made with a laptop's battery. This release is most connected to (For September 2021) and is that set's finale. Desynchonizing the multi-track recorder, and gladly doing so for yours too. Unfoldinga and gliding, feeling like later in the day remembering a dream.


CEIL053 THE SAND RAYS- The Sand Rays LP online
71 Minutes Of Rays. The convergence of two strains. All based on a short accidental of a room's humidifier, all with a larger cover than necessary for music lasting longer that necessary... and maybe leave us wishing it would go on even longer.


CEIL052 THE SAND RAYS- (For December 2021) 3" CDR
When an impending release gives birth to many other releases, you sometimes have no choice but to make more room. More of the accidental recording of a humidifier stretched out for late night listening and possibly to be reworked into a long-form video for overnight use. Or to continually reproduce, never conclude , and enjoy the trip. We'll see!


CEIL051 THE SAND RAYS- (For September 2021) CDR
Embarking on an video project for overnight use (uncommited as to whether to fight insomnia or intensify it), the project spiraled out of control in its aim towards an eight hour run time. In the meantime, The Sand Rays has made some easier to handle remixes of some of the material. All source material is derived from a short accidental recording made a macbooks microphone of a nearby humidifier machine, and may be the most zone-out white noise and drone recording to have been released by The Sand Rays yet.


CEIL050 THE SAND RAYS- The Sand Rays EEP online
Last month, CEIL released The Sand Rays EP extended play, this month is the EEP- the extended extended play; the companion release generated from the same knot of recordings and experiments. And the usual heavenly neuro chemicals vs. corroded ear damage.


CEIL049 THE SAND RAYS - The Sand Rays EP online

Those dark, ominous dark clouds hanging over your living space... for the price of a coffee.


CEIL048 WAX INFANT - Window 3 online

Recorded in 1995, this was an unannounced concert via a hidden speaker for the sleepy late night Toronto street and whoever may pass in its vicinity. This particular concert of the Window Concert series featured W.A. Davison and Jim DeJong, recording the city and playing it back to it, trancing to low-tech noise loop jams. You should have been there. Or maybe you were, and didn't know it.


CEIL047 THE SAND RAYS- The Infant Cycle EP (Autumn 1994) CDR

In 2009, The Infant Cycle released a CD titled "The Sand Rays". Now, ten years later, The Sand Rays created an EP that will allow the The Infant Cycle to name itself after it, closing the ten year envelope that will loop in perpetuity. There is nothing The Sand Rays enjoy more than repetition. Although this release may appear to be yet another attempt for The Sand Rays to sabotage its own catalogue, it's really just a shimmer and fold; yet


CEIL045 THE INFANT CYCLE- Remote online

Reissue of the 2001 album, originally released as a CDR on EE Tapes.


CEIL044 THE INFANT CYCLE- Trialism- Clear Shapes Stereo online

Reissue of the compilation double EP released by Abgurd, which in turn reissued Clear Square, Clear Hexagon, Clear Triangle, and Clear Shape B-Sides (2002-2005) and put them in one spot.


CEIL043 THE INFANT CYCLE- Ephedrin Bird Samba online

Reissue of the 2001 EP released by The Locus of Assemblage, marking The Infant Cycle's ten year anniversary.


CEIL042 THE INFANT CYCLE- 4 AM Wallpaper (A Memorate) online

Reissue of the 1995 cassette release, which has since seen a disc version.



CEIL036 THE INFANT CYCLE- Posthumousness Now 2x3" CDR disc version sold out

During 2013, The Infant Cycle found itself in the odd postion of not existing. To celebrate its lack of ties to all things, an EP was compiled of alternate and unfinished material from recent years; tracks orbiting recent albums such as The Sand Rays (Diophantine Discs, USA) and Drop-Out Center (Zhelezobeton, Russia).


CEIL035 THE INFANT CYCLE- Left Ear Revolt (Mysterious Disco 2009-2012) CDR $12

Collecting recent EP, rare and unreleased tracks into one package, we have here the most recent manifestations of the subconscious electro-acoustic rock drone clatter, and perhaps the best introduction for the uninitiated.


CEIL033 THE INFANT CYCLE- Plays Fender Bass Guitars And Bird Cages Of Unknown Origin, Exclusively. online EP

Believe the title! Online at a very cheap price, three new hazy, nocturnal strolls from The Infant Cycle, a strange cinematic lilt in the fall air...


Also available online at Amazon, CD Baby, Apple etc...

CEIL032 THE INFANT CYCLE- A Mysterious Disc 3" CDR
CEIL032 THE INFANT CYCLE- A Mysterious Disc online

A disc mysterious



The newest edition of the Periodical series (please see earlier editions below for more info).

THE INFANT CYCLE presents more "Unrelated Work Tapes"- part of series of that is both deeply interconnected (to other parts and future and past Infant Cycle tracks), yet can be heard on their own. Like much of the Ceiling catalogue, what is seemingly chaos later reveals itself as something else, and features much of the Infant Cycle's uneasy balance between abrasive textures, and quiet meditation- a balance often on the verge of tipping over.

Over the past few years, ANTMANUV has created a diverse body of work in many different mediums. On this release, he has contribued a piece of wholly organic sound, a dense and growing entity of everyday sounds propelled into a hypnotic sphere of the familiar moved into unfamiliar territory.

Once again a "budget-priced release of 80 copies only.

CEIL026 THE INFANT CYCLE- Playout extracts 5" 45 sold out

In its continuing need to release high-fidelity music on low-fidelity mediums, The Infant Cycle presents a new, free lathe-cut taster of the "Playout" project (an earlier taster appeared on the CD supplement of Paris' Fear Drop magazine). Using the source of one carved record's playout groove, two brief snapshots of its transformation, returned to the snap, crackle and pop gene pool. The full versions should be available on CD in 2004 courtesy of Merchants of Sound/Mutant Music. Limited to 40 copies.


CEIL024 DELPHIUM- Darkfloor 7" EP

Britain's Delphium have been active since the early '90s, with a steady stream of releases, including three CDs, and enough vinyl EPs to drain the planet's petroleum supply for good.

Delphium's music has always been hard to peg (frustrating for critics, but wonderful for the aurally adventurous), while easily identifiable as Delphium: sampled rhythms that misbehave in an uncommonly organic way, deep and churning basslines, melodic fragments of melody, and abrasive textures. Terms like "post-rock" and "industrial" have been used quite often by the press, but one can also hear the group's affection for dub and punk-rock roots.

That big mouthful said, their past has always been a take-off point for new vistas, as evidenced on the new recordings for this EP. "Bleep 27" is one of the most aggressive tracks Delphium have recorded: jungle rhythms sped and roughened up to an almost-grindcore pitch, wayward basslines that sound like they will snap loose from the track at any moment, and a generally loud assault on the cranium. "Kill.All.Scooter.Riders" is almost happy in comparison, and highlights the group's affection for common 303 and 909 textures, but placed in such unconventional patterns, that they sound as alien as they originally sounded before they became commonplace. "Green Lane With Delphium" may have the most relation with previous recordings. A longer, more complex piece, featuring basslines and sampled rhythms that don't swing so much as lurch, along with some beautifully echoing musical fragments and a queasy string overlay. If dance music stopped being made for the ecstasy crowd, and instead for those who abuse stuff found in their parent's medicine cabinet, this would be it. Limited to 500 copies


The Lens Cleaner Trio hail from Argentina, a country that we have discovered has a great deal of unusual experimental musical emanating from within.

This LP has its genesis in an improvised session conducted in 1999 by Jose Marchi (guitar), Marcelo Aguirre (drums). and C.D. (electronics). After the initial recordings, C.D. took the recordings and disassembled them, constructing new sound shapes from the various puzzle pieces.

The results are what C.D. calls "electro-acoustic rock"; we have a hard time coming up with any type of descriptive term. Early tracks on side A are faithful to the original recordings; strange polymorphous jams featuring nimble but muscular drumming, and a large vocabulary of guitar scrapes and molten distortion, but soon we start to hear the tracks fold into themselves, the sense of time and space distorting as if some powerful psychotropic drug is starting to kick in. Emerging from these folds in space, the listener enters new locations; guitars that echo like chimes through radio static into places both soothing and menacing, organic and manufactured- a deeply ambient space, yet jagged as broken glass.

Even if there are no easy classifications, "C.D. + Lens Cleaner" is a release that holds up to countless listenings, each play revealing something new and encouraging even more spins of the disc. Limited to 300 copies

CEIL021 THE INFANT CYCLE- Old Plus Four CDR sold out

After a brief existence on the now-defunct label, Austenite Recordings, "Old Plus Four" is available again. Comprising of material from two deleted cassette singles along with additional material, The Infant Cycle's debut CD release is layers of non-MIDI rhythms from scratched records and drums, and tones from feedback and sources. Simultaneously soothing and jarring; this is something for the adventurous listener operating outside of genre norms. The Ceiling edition is now sold out, but we got in some copies of the EE edition (100 copies, numbered).


CEILOGEE-1 CHRONIC REMORSE- The Shortwave Radio Appreciation Society (1992-95) CDR sold out

Chronic Remorse was Paul Verma (later in Plasma Lamp) and Jim DeJong (later in The Infant Cycle). This disc is a compilation of tracks that initially appeared on various cassettes in the early to mid '90s, as well as unreleased material from the same area. Although C.R.'s early material reveled in chaotic noise, hints of melody and structure peek through the grime, showing an interest in contorted ambiance that both members would later explore in different degrees in their later work. In folder cover with liner notes from Richard Oddie of Orphx. Limited to 75 copies- a co-release with Apogee Recordings.



THE INFANT CYCLE - The Definitive-Indefinite (Autumn 1994) CDR sold out
A recent find of a rough mix cassette from autumn 1994, capturing that period's slow motion fine line between ultra-aware enlightenment and late night uneasy insomnia. Rough and dirty shortwave-radio drones, everyday objects, mangled tape and CD, and the trusty old poly-800. Much of this material was later finished and polished for the split cassette with A.E.R./Neboysha Rakic; another track going to a compilation that never materialized, another becoming the center of the 4 A.M. Wallpaper cassette, and the last one never made it past this cassette. All versions have never been released before and wear a halo of hiss, the odd drop-out and sound bleed- enveloping you like a warm blanket on a cold day. Packaged in poly sleeve, with recently-found unused photographs taken for the '94 Infant Cycle / AER split tape- each one is unique.
CDR-only. Available for the month of November 2018, and then deleted on December 1st. CEIL-FANQ5

CEIL032 THE SAND RAYS- A Mysterious Disk 3" CDR sold out

CEIL046 THE SAND RAYS- Competing Brown Noise Channels EP 3" CDR sold out

What more can we say about Ray Sands and his recent bride, Sandra Y.? For a couple of years, at the expense of being taken seriously, they have cloaked their releases of kinda-ambiance with layers of in-jokes that even they don't find that amusing any more. It could even be argued that their reliance on EPs is a demonstration of a poor attention span and laziness, and putting more energy into avoiding a longer release than using that energy for something more constructive.

CEIL041 SAN ANDREAS- Old Men Dream In Reverse EP 3" CDR sold out

The only name that matters.

CEIL040 THE SAND RAYS- Misctones EP onlineno longer available

Insert your tunes here.

CEIL032 THE SAND RAYS- A Mysterious Disc 3" CDR sold out

The mighty question mark?

CEIL039 SANDRA Y. (pl.) EP 3" CDR sold out

Yet another refugee from the series of cancelled CEIL 7"s. Frequency immersion vs. download laziness and album snobs.

CEIL038 RAY SANDS- Escalator Attendant EP 3" CDR sold out

Haunting himself into your life, leaving abruptly, with lasting afterimages. Another of the series of cancelled 7"s, available on a tiny disc.

CEIL037 THE SAND RAYS- Senor Trainwhistle EP 3" CDR sold out

CEIL's new house band is as wayward as the last, leaving a trail of bread crumbs that leads down a steep cliff. This is the debut EP.

CEIL-FANQ4 THE INFANT CYCLE- Misc 93 CDR presently unavailable

The last of the Miscs- material recorded and mixed in 1993 for a live backing tape, some of which appeared in reworked form on early tapes, and some stuff that went into mothballs right after. Back in the day when it was the norm to consume copious amounts of cigarettes, LSD and batteries for the delay pedal. Once again, only available for one month, with no online release counterpart.

CEIL-FANQ3 THE INFANT CYCLE- Misc 02 3" CDR presently unavailable

Such little things those dat tapes are, that are so big, that tracks fall into their depths, to never be heard of again... until now. Circa the "Interference" and "Ephedrin Bird Samba" EPs, unearthed while compiling the upcoming unboxed set. Again, available for one month only 12/14 on disc and no download option.

CEIL-FANQ2 THE INFANT CYCLE- Misc 94 CDR presently unavailable

More of The Infant Cycle's limited series, this time we have "Misc 94" on a 40 minute CDR. This release contains early recordings, mostly from late 1992 and early 1993. They were then mixed in late 1994, possibly for a released, but were shelved again. Available finally, but just for one month only!

CEIL-FANQ1 THE INFANT CYCLE- Misc 99 3" CDR presently unavailable

While working on the big, sprawling Infant Cycle retrospective for Silber Records (coming soon!), a lot of unreleased and forgotten tapes keep spilling out of noise trove, so for those who may want to hear, this is the first of a series of very limited budget releases on the Ceil-Fanq sublabel (disc only with no download counterpart). Water drone pools and eardrum scrapage that made 15 years ago such a joy to endure. Available for the month of October only, then hitting the delete key.

CEIL034 THE INFANT CYCLE- Free Bag Of Hiss Life MP3

Online sampler of the past two years, dipping into the pool of recent record, CD and MP3 releases and squeezing into a half hour of distilled fragmentation. It contains all of your new favourites, and a rework of Shiny Venus (detail 2) that originally appeared on the recent "The Infant Cycle Plays Fender Bass Guitars And Bird Cages Of Unknown Origin, Exclusively." EP.

Presently unavailable

CEIL030 THE INFANT CYCLE/ARC- Periodical II 3" CDR sold out

The most recent project embarked upon by The Ceiling is a series of split mini-CDRs (originally intended as a series of a 7"s, which remains in the artwork), between The Infant Cycle and other artists in the southern Ontario region of Canada, working mainly in the arena of CDRs, MP3s, and less in larger-circulation formats. The series intends to bring together artists working outside existing genres and subgenres, working in areas of their own. The intent is to unify the series with a sense of adventure and challenge, and not necessarily a stylistic consistency.

The series is also intended to function somewhat as a sort of newspaper, a snapshot of where each project is at the time of issue. The series can be viewed as sidebar releases by the artists- perhaps a progress report.

THE INFANT CYCLE has been in operation since 1992, producing numerous CDRs, CDs, vinyl, cassette and MP3 releases, alongside many compilation appearances for labels all over the planet. The Infant Cycle creates eccentric sound-worlds from disparate strands of instrumental phrases, field recordings, and everything in between; composition mixing with improvisation, influenced by happy accidents and technical failures. The piece contained is a mixing of previously recorded tracks, rethinking the past and foreshadowing future releases.

ARC is a Toronto group comprising Aidan Baker, Richard Baker and Christopher Kukiel, and in the past few years have created numerous evocative soundscapes flowing from the rudiments of percussion and guitar. Most of their music is created live in real time: discreet elements are introduced in loops, guitar cascades meshing with gradually shifting polyrhythms. Their "side" is an early take of material recorded live, that was later worked on in the studio for their "The Circle Is Not Round" CD on Italy's Small Voices label.

All releases in the Periodical series are "budget" priced releases of 80 copies only.


The first issue of the Periodical series.

THE INFANT CYCLE has been in operation since 1992, producing numerous CDRs, CDs, vinyl, cassette and MP3 releases, alongside many compilation appearances for labels all over the planet. The Infant Cycle creates eccentric sound-worlds from disparate strands of instrumental phrases, field recordings, and everything in between; composition mixing with improvisation, influenced by happy accidents and technical failures. The piece contained is a mixing of previously recorded tracks, rethinking the past and foreshadowing future releases.

JARED DAVISON has followed an uncompromising path from his time as founder and mainstay of the many incarnations of Mind Skelp-cher, through various short-term projects, to his current work under his own name. While quiet for the past few year, he is re-emerging with material focused narrowly on particular sounds isolated from their sources, and projected into unpredictable shapes and atmospheres. "Phonography" is an uneasy and sometimes violent soundscape based entirely on the crackle and hum hiding amidst the grooves of your favourite vintage vinyl.

All releases in the Periodical series are "budget" priced releases of 80 copies only.

CEIL028 THE INFANT CYCLE- Clear Triangle 8" one-sided triangular shaped EP sold out

The final installment in the "clear shape" trilogy points three way equally- rhythmic accelaration, fields of ambiguous drones, chotic and unexpected interjections. Based on a collaboration with the early Orphx, the tapes were sped up and reworked and redubbed endlessly, then re-assembled with new elements into what it is now: prickly, rhythmic drone dream-material that never lets the listener off the hook... as usual, no easy answers. One-sided triangle-shaped clear lathe-cut 8" record. Limited edition of 40 copies.

CEIL027 THE INFANT CYCLE- Clear Hexagon 8" one-sided hexagon EP sold out

Continuing the quest for the answer to "which surface noise is prerecorded and which is live?" begun on last year's "Clear Square", the shape series continues with a new droned-out permutation of malleted water tank, feedback, ultra-low Poly-800 pulses, and crackly rhythmic playout groove. 4/4 gooves assemble and disassemble as waves of sounds pass in and out of orbit of each other. One-sided hexagon-shaped clear lathe-cut 8" record. Limited edition of 40 copies.

CEIL025 THE INFANT CYCLE- Clear Square 8" one-sided square EP sold out

Clear Square was recorded in 1997, and was originally contributed to a compilation that never materialized. This is the more rhythmic side of The Infant Cycle: the track is centered around a rhythm from a commercial hip hop record, sliced-up and spinning at 78 rpm, the sound gradually changing as the needle (designed for hard 78s) wears out the groove. The song mutates with voice recordings transmogrified into warm drones floating and fluctuating throughout, cut-up by blitzes of static and primitive oscillator. A lathe-cut of 40 copies on a clear polycarbonate square. Which surface noise is prerecorded and which is live?

CEIL022 DRONAEMENT/THE INFANT CYCLE- Klab (phonorecord) LP sold out

It has been a long time coming, but we believe it was worth the wait. This LP is the continuation of earlier collaborations between Marcus Murkes (Dronaement) and Jim DeJong (The Infant Cycle) that appeared on releases by Drone Records (side one of Dronaement's Wassermond EP) and EE Tapes (a track on the second Ambient Intimacy CDR). This is a combination of electronics and acoustic sources melded together, always moving and changing, travelling simultaneously into the dark past and towards the uncertain future. Beautiful handmade covers by Marcus Murkes and clear vinyl. Limited to 300 copies.

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