(pl.) EP

3" CDR CEIL039

1) Something Sure Smells Fishy About Sandra Y.! (youtube) 2) Pongray


Following Ray sands (Vital Weekly 919) and The Sand Rays (Vital Weekly 1016) there is now Sandray, which has 'nothing to do with Ray Sands' and is produced by Jim The Medium (the previous ones by Jim The Younger and Jim The Elder, so one can wonder what comes next, unless of course we should see this as a trilogy of some kind?) Here again we have two pieces, spanning twelve minutes of music, again 'not a 7"...', as the cover tells us, and perhaps that's not a bad idea. I am still not entirely convinced a 7" of this stuff would sell. It all remains a bit on the experimental drone side of things. A bit of samples of an unknown origin, mucho sound effects to drone-out those samples and two moody pieces of electronics is what you get. And that's what you got last time, and before that, so that's what this is all about. Minimalist electronic sounds, perhaps based on field recordings, finely transformed and not too mellow in approach. We have six pieces by now, and a somewhat clearer idea of what this is all about. Quite good stuff, I thought, and music for which the CDR is the most suitable label.
-Frans de Waard

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