Old Men Dream In Reverse EP

3" CDR CEIL041

1) Nobody's Fault But Mine 2) Your Narrator Lies There In The Middle Of The Street


Here's another one of those mildly confusing discs by the guy who once was The Infant Cycle, but since earlier this year goes by a plethora of names, all related, such as The Sand Rays, Ray Sands and Sandray, and now it's San Andreas. It is produced by The Sand Rays, which ties it in with the previous release (see Vital Weekly 1030) and the first piece 'Nobody's Fault But Mine' is crossed out on the cover and is seven seconds of silence; perhaps some conceptual joke (that I didn't get)? The other piece is close to seventeen minutes and is called 'Your Narrator Lies In The Middle Of The Street', which made me think about A Clockwork Orange (and I was reminded that I bought a copy three years ago, but still didn't get around reading it again) but I might be entirely wrong of course. Music wise San Andreas expands on the musical journey from before and finds himself in another heavily treated world of acoustic sounds being bend and twisted by the use of over active electronic circuits. The piece has three distinct parts; a long ambient opening, then a more electro-acoustic excursion from the frying pan and finally some darker set of drone material and mild glitches. This last part sounds quite obscure and 'dirty', with something that seems not to have been recording properly. All of this had quite a cinematic feel to it, and sums up a fine addition to what is probably a whole series of connected works.
Frans de Waard

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