Competing Brown Noise Channels EP

3" CDR CEIL046

1) Obscurantism, Maybe 2) The Room Divides Itself (youtube)


Somehow I made the wrong assumption that with the release 'Remembered Volume 1' by The Sand Rays the whole project of The Sand Rays, Ray Sands and Sandray was brought to a logical conclusion, but with the release of this new one, now called Sand Ra, the project continues. Which I guess is fine of course. Music wise there seems to be no break either with the previous bunch of three-inch releases. This time around there are no sound sources mentioned, yet I would still believe there is some kind of electronic device used here, maybe some sampled field recording or acoustic source torn apart and sewn back together with the fabric stretched out and Sand Ra creates two fine pieces of his trademark drone music. Spacious, dark, ambient, drone-like, all of that is present in these two pieces, which total some twenty minutes of refined sonic bliss. One is almost seven minutes in length and the other is almost thirteen and Sand Ra takes his time in exploring sounds, opening up filters, sliders, faders and effects and does it with some fine, calm, firm hand and slowly the pieces unfold their natural beauty. Lovely stuff, once again, and no doubt the promising start of the next bunch of releases and I am wondering who will release 'Remembered Volume 2'. Can't wait for that; three inches are nice, but I rather have these on a long disc for some fine uninterrupted playback.
Frans de Waard

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