Two online reissues of The Infant Cycle for April's Fools Day: The Sand Rays (originally released as a CD by Diophantine Discs in 2009), and Secret Hidden Message (a 7" from Drone Records, 2008). Both are available from The Infant Cycle Bandcamp, and both come with new pdf booklets and the option to buy the original physical releases as well:

The Infant Cycle's Bandcamp page.


While production for the long-form video drags on and on, we've decided to take stock on the last two and a bit years and make a compilation of the various work-in-progress releases from that time.

With working on the long-in-the-making (embarrassingly-delayed) eight-hour album taking its toll, we decided to put together a compilation from the previous progress-report releases that we made had made. Of course, it wouldn't be a Sand Rays release if it wasn't delayed itself- much of the material has been extensively reworked. This release could be regarded as a hybrid compilation/remix/new album.
The title refers to the surface noise of all life, the sounds that accompanies our existence. The actual sound source for all the pieces is only one short accidental recording of a humidifier, used as the sole sound source for all pieces in this recording.

Available at The Sand Ray's Bandcamp page.


Only taking two months for an update is not what Ceiling-listeners are used to. But nonetheless, here we go:

THE SAND RAYS (For August 2023) mental release (just a fancy way of saying no physical release version- download only)
While all Sand Rays releases are in a web that strongly connect to each other, this release is a kind of post-script to the yin and yang of September 2021 and June 2023 releases, finally providing an outroduction to the unending introductions that occurred previously.

Available at the Bandcamp page

The Ceiling mailorder is going through a change. Gradually, things have shifted over to our Bandcamp, Ebay and Discogs accounts which makes things a lot easier for processing payments and navigating postage, while changes regarding postage have become very complicated and not worth chasing when everyone just uses the earlier companies anyway. If you wish to order direct, it's always no trouble to work on that, but in general, The Ceiling is not going to offer direct mailorder any more.


Finally! A new release!

The Sand Rays (For June 2023) CD
It's a typical Sand Rays event when the promised releases don't appear (yet), but something else unannounced does. Another from the large pool of work for the long-long-long for video, long submersions into exploring a short, accidental recording a room's humidifier made with a laptop's battery. This release is most connected to (For September 2021) and is that set's finale. Desynchonizing the multi-track recorder, and gladly doing so for yours too. Unfoldinga and gliding, feeling like later in the day remembering a dream.

A small number of CDRs are available, as well as a Bandcamp downloadable album. And right here is where you will find it.

The long-long-long awaited long-long-long-form album:

Born out of some sort of delirium during lockdown, and inspired by the multi-hour videos of different colours of noise on youtube, idea for a long-form video was formed. Whether to combat insomnia, or prolong it was unclear, but many hours of multi-timbral drone hauntings were created, all from a short accidental recording of a humidifier through the laptop's built-in microphone. Numerous releases of early mixes structured as releases have appeared while the final project has stewed. While it was initially conceived as an eight video to be played overnight (working title: The Overnighter), it may be given an open ended video stream that will allow listeners to enter and leave in random places). A physical release is not out of the question- possibly as a USB key, though wouldn't it be even better is a box set of 7" 45 rpm vinyl records.

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