Just a couple of archival things uploaded to the The Infant Cycle Bandcamp page, both collaborative releases, from many moons ago.


ORPHX and THE INFANT CYCLE "Interference"

There are also still a handful of the original disc copies of each title. If you purchase them at Bandcamp, the download is available at no extra cost. Format confusion got you down? We've just provided your deliverance. As always.

The Musicus Phycus bandcamp has reissued the Mutlipurpose Saws compilation from 1997, which also featured an Infant Cycle track, that appeared nowhere else. Unfortunately, it has the first disc of the original package; the second, a sharp sawblade, doesn't upload well.



EP number six! Another 3" place for you to squeeze into. We are not making a full return to the distribution quagmire we left before, but on occasion, we will offer very limited numbers from label pals, at good prices. This time, we have some releases from our friends at Zhelezobeton. All this can be found at: New Items


EP number five!

The Sand Rays-Misctones EP


New release!

THE SAND RAYS- A Mysterious Disc


New release!

SANDRA Y. (pl.) 3" CDR $6

Yet another refugee from the series of cancelled CEIL 7"s. Frequency immersion vs. download laziness and album snobs.


New release!

RAY SANDS Escalator Attendant 3" CDR $6

Nothing to do with The Sand Rays. Another of the cancelled 7"s planned for CEIL, instead on a shiny, tiny disc. Bass guitar hazy moodiness, with no download intruding on things.


Hello again and welcome to the new CEIL label. Sure, the employees and associates are all the same as The Ceiling, and it's still the same shoestring operation. As well, we'll be keeping the ceiling.ca site. However, with the arrival of the new house band, The Sand Rays, a certain spring cleaning is being performed in our minds, if only to allow something both beautiful and destructive to move right back in. Now available:

THE SAND RAYS Senor Trainwhistle 3" CDR $6
(postage included in North America, please check out ordering instructions for more details if ordering from overseas).

Not available for download. However, you can also order the hard copy via The Sand Rays Bandcamp page.

CEIL will continue to offer remaining titles from The Infant Cycle and The Ceiling, as well as keeping up with whatever news and newer reappearances from the deep recesses of the back catalogue occur. The Facebook page is a good place to get updates of whatever is going on here.

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