It's been some time since the last update. Lots of work behind the scenes, that will likely materialize soon.... The busiest place for us lately has been reissuing older Infant Cycle releases via Bandcamp. The following releases are now available via download: Left Ear Revolt
Trialism - Clear Shapes Stereo
Playout Extracts
Ephedrin Bird Samba
Old Plus Four
4 AM Wallpaper (A Memorate)

Right now, our stock towers are in serious danger of collapse! We need to do something to make the situation better! So we are having the first sale ever in the history of the mailorder. Buy three, get the fourth (or equal or lower price) free! Sale ends until Sept. 1, 2017.


Just a couple of archival things uploaded to the The Infant Cycle Bandcamp page, both collaborative releases, from many moons ago.


ORPHX and THE INFANT CYCLE "Interference"

There are also still a handful of the original disc copies of each title. If you purchase them at Bandcamp, the download is available at no extra cost. Format confusion got you down? We've just provided your deliverance. As always.

The Musicus Phycus bandcamp has reissued the Mutlipurpose Saws compilation from 1997, which also featured an Infant Cycle track, that appeared nowhere else. Unfortunately, it has the first disc of the original package; the second, a sharp sawblade, doesn't upload well.


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