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A.E.R.- After C46 (Doomsday Transmissions, Canada) $6
After an absence of a couple of years, this cassette features new directions moving into the swirl of hypnotic loops comprising voice, guitar and found sounds. Each copy comes with individual handmade colour cover.

ANTMANUV- Magnetic Field CDR (Antmanuv, Canada) $12
The first CD from the Canadian newcomer featuring permutations of recordings made during a violent lightening storm. Electrifying drones and strange found sounds, contorted and cut-up into short individual chapters - dreamlike and unusual. Re-edited and assembled by Jim DeJong (The Infant Cycle).

CHRONIC REMORSE- A Grainy Shade of Ambient 12" EP (Apogee Recordings, Canada) $10
C.R.'s first vinyl from 1995, containing two long tracks: One serene drone based piece of constantly overlapping tones, and a B-side of thick rhythm-based electronics.

DELPHIUM- Snowhill-X 7" EP (Drone Records, Germany) $10
Originally released in 1997, this was Delphium's most downbeat, cinematic hour, based around melancholic electronics, and dulcimer-like guitar, with string sounds and noises wafting around them like smoke. This is the second edition of 300 copies (red vinyl) with new cover art by the Ceiling team.

DELPHIUM- Good Morning Heartache CD (Moloko+, Germany) $14
New EP from the prolific English project, featuring familiar Delphium trademarks- the grainy breakbeats, frame-rattling basslines, ominous sound effects... This release combines old unreleased material with new tracks, plus two remixes of the title track by AL.X and THE INFANT CYCLE.

FADLADDER- The Past CDR (Re:Set Records, U.S.A.) FREE!
A rarity here- this disc was initially pressed up accidentally in mono, withdrawn, and then ultimately cancelled before a stereo version could be issued. A pity, as besides Fadladder's strange and dark industrial attack, there is also a collaboration with SKYE KLAD, a THROBBING GRISTLE cover, and a remix of the title track by THE INFANT CYCLE. A few copies of the withdrawn mono version were found in our stock boxes, and are available free to those who want to hear it before it disappears for good.

VLOR- Six-Winged CD (Silber Records, U.S.A.) $16
New full-length from the Silber collective, featuring appearances from members of Remora, Aarktika, 6PM, Plumerai, The Infant Cycle, mwvm and many others. A diverse but coherent place, standing in the intersection where ambient guitar noise, post-rock, and garage aggressiveness meet, bathed in a sweet lo-fi light.

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