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THE SAND RAYS- Warm Surface Noise For Submersive Types CDR (CEIL, Canada)
While working on the long-in-the-making (embarrassingly-delayed) eight-hour album taking its toll, we decided to put together a compilation from the previous progress-report releases that we made of the process. Of course, it wouldn't be a Sand Rays release if it wasn't delayed itself, and this release could be regarded as a hybrid compilation/remix/new album.
The title refers to the surface noise of all life, the sound that accompanies our existence. The actual sound source for all the pieces is only one short accidental recording of a humidifer, used as the sole sound source for all pieces in this recording.

THE SAND RAYS- (For June 2023) CDR (CEIL, Canada)
It's a typical Sand Rays event when the promised releases don't appear (yet), but something else unannounced does. Another from the large pool of work for the long-long-long for video, long submersions into exploring a short, accidental recording a room's humidifier made with a laptop's battery. This release is most connected to (For September 2021) and is that set's finale. Desynchonizing the multi-track recorder, and gladly doing so for yours too. Unfoldinga and gliding, feeling like later in the day remembering a dream.

THE SAND RAYS- (For December 2021) 3" CDR
When an impending release gives birth to many other releases, you sometimes have no choice but to make more room. More of the accidental recording of a humidifier stretched out for late night listening, and possibly to be reworked into the upcoming long-form video for overnight use. Or to continually reproduce scattered releases and never conclude. We'll see!

THE SAND RAYS- (For September 2021) CDR
Embarking on an video project for overnight use (uncommited as to whether to fight insomnia or intensify it), the project spiraled out of control in its aim towards an eight hour run time. In the meantime, The Sand Rays has made some easier to handle remixes of some of the material. All source material is derived from a short accidental recording made a macbooks microphone of a nearby humidifier machine, and may be the most zone-out white noise and drone recording to have been released by The Sand Rays yet.

THE SAND RAYS- Remembered Vol. 2 (More EPs In Coalescence) CD (Zhelezobeton, Russia)
The Canadian musician Jim DeJong (ex-The Infant Cycle) continues to splinter and perplex his discography, releasing mini-works under different monikers: The Sand Rays, San Andreas, Sand Ra, etc. And we are making already the second attempt to collect these sprawling entities under a single cover after the CD "Remembered Vol. 1 (EPs gathered together)" in 2017.
This time Jim doesn't reveal the list of tools that he used, but we know his passion for recycled sounds of shortwave radio, household appliances and malfunctioning electronics. His music is like ghostly monochrome corridors and sound tunnels which often end with sudden turns and dead ends. It is like endless fields of inner calm, woven from reverberations and atonal textures, giving way to mysterious several second-long cuts in which seemingly almost nothing happens. It is like a quiet psychedelic introversion, a contemplation of bitcrushed emptiness, a parallel existence in intangible layers of space. Limited to 107 numbered copies in a gatefold sleeve.

THE SAND RAYS- The Infant Cycle EP 3" CDR (CEIL, Canada)
In 2009, The Infant Cycle released a CD titled "The Sand Rays". Now, ten years later, The Sand Rays created an EP that will allow the The Infant Cycle to name itself after it, closing the ten year envelope that will loop in perpetuity. There is nothing The Sand Rays enjoy more than repetition. Although this release may appear to be yet another attempt for The Sand Rays to sabotage its own catalogue, it's really just a shimmer and fold; yet

THE SAND RAYS- Remembered Vol. 1 CD (Zhelezobeton, Russia)
The first four (now-deleted) EPs gathered together and put in one place. Dream drones, ugly scrapes, and unintentional melody in an alternate version of harmony. In a matte gatefold sleeve, limited to 300 copies

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